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Avatar kieran.hardy asked

Yootheme Pro is absolutely amazing!!

Just want to say how much I think Yootheme Pro is a game changer! Its truly amazing how much time can be saved and so many possibilities are opened up just by finding a way to incorporate Yootheme Pro into your workflow. Its a truly amazing piece of work! If you're running into problems after installation like I did, keep in mind it took me an additional week to get my head wrapped around what was happening with Yootheme Pro. Also if youre on Wordpress, it seems like their docs kinda suck, but you can easily get your own workflow established just by digging in and going for it. Its worth the time, which was my main beef right out the gate but now Im happy to be on the bandwagon and looking forward to saving hours and hours by eliminating the time suck of layout. From a rapid prototype perspective, which is what I mainly do with wordpress, this is the best tool I have ever found. It makes me look good in less time and being able to save my own layouts in the builder is just beyond cool!

I had been using the Uikitty integration with Drupal and had a myriad of headaches around how to get a rapid prototyping environment set up.
My new system tha I absolutely love is Pantheon for hosting, Agency account with custom upstream, Yootheme Pro and managing everything with Git. Its awesome! Ive saved so much time this week alone and my boss thinks im a genius.

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Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

Thank you! :-) BTW We are working on a completely new documentation for YOOtheme Pro. It will be a very comprehensive one, so it will be easier to get started.



Avatar mary.weeks answered

I ditto that sentiment! Yootheme PRO is the best!


Avatar kayhan Support answered

Thanks for the feedback. Yootheme appreciates it very much (especially in this kind of forum where users usually only report issues and/or unhappiness :-))

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