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Avatar carlo.dalle.molle asked

Report bug on Internet Explorer for Yootheme PRO


I'm using Yootheme PRO with Wordpress on one of my web site. After the last two or three version update we realized that the visualization of some part of the web site in IE are not correct.

The web site URL is: https://www.evisole.com

If you try to open the web site on IE, you can see that all the grid element are not visualized correctly but are on a single column on the left.

Ispecting the page, we saw that the problem is that on IE the elements of the grid don't have the uk-grid class, so the visualization is not like in the other browser.

Please, can you check?
The problem is on my website or is the Yootheme PRO version that has a visualization bug?


  • WordPress
  • UIkit
  • YOOtheme Pro

3 Answers


Avatar sven.grossenbacher answered


Did you update to 1.10.3 - I know in this update there was a IE 11 problem solved.

Also it would help if you specify which version of IE you open and which section of the page does not look right.

I looked at your site (homepage) on IE edge and it looked the same as in Chrome. Maybe you need to clear the cache or...


Avatar carlo.dalle.molle answered


the version of the browser is IE 11.

The page does not look right is the home page. The voices that should be in 3 clomuns grid (you can see them in Chrome), are on 1 column on the left.

The website is updated to the latest versions of Wordpress and Yootheme PRO theme.


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