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Avatar uemit.madenoglu.5 asked

Widgetkit & Zoo :: Error with Widgetkit displaying google map - API key entered!

Hi yootheme Team,

I have a serious issue displaying a map with widgetkit within ZOO items in it.

INFO: I have purchased the newest Version of ZOO 3.3.26 and Widgetkit 2.9.12 .!

In the Frontend it displays as the following screenshots show:


As you can see the Google Map in Zoo displays without any error, but the map created with widgetkit delivers a error message.

I have entered the API keys, for widgetkit and also Zoo:


Its the same API Key but widgetkit delivers always a error message... What could be the problem?
As I told, I have purchased both and worked with both since several years.

Hope you can help me to fix this problem.

Thank you in advance


  • ZOO
  • Widgetkit

1 Answer


Avatar lucas Support answered

Hi, O/

please, add the site url on the question.

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