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Avatar julian.ecco asked

ZOO Item Title Font Change

Dear Support-Team,
following the link bellow, you will find 3 screenshots containing the description of the problems I'm trying to resolve right now.
I would be immensely grateful if you could point me to the right .css files, that need to be customized in order to make the changes we need.

Thank you!
best wishes


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2 Answers


Avatar lucas Support answered

Hi, O/

lol, that theme is very old, actually 6 years, well, whats the page ? and I'll need the access to FTP.

I take a look and have alot of types and I need more details or a channel to talk direcly.


leave the FTP access in Hidden Information.



Avatar julian.ecco answered

Thank you Lucas for your feedback.
We will update/change our template in spring 2018, and I will need your feedback/help guys identifying the right one.

But all issues aside, one is quite bothering us, it is the date format (the blue squarish one) where the month gets cut at the end.
See here:

I need your help, how can I abbreviate the month, or make the blue square bigger?

Thank you!
best wishes

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