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Avatar sven.grossenbacher asked

Fonts conversion .ttf to .woff


I am working on a new site Yootheme PRO 1.10.5 / J 3.8.2

I added a font (bangla)

To my child theme: templates/yootheme_mediafish/fonts/bangla.ttf
To my custom css: templates/yootheme_mediafish/css/custom.css

@font-face {      
    font-family: 'bangla';      
    src: url('../fonts/bangla.ttf') format('truetype');  

Now I worked on the site in Chrome and everything worked perfect. But now I checked on IE and FF - both latest versions - and it does not load the bangla font. Please check screenshots.

Do you know why this happens?

Update - Solved

I had to convert it to a .woff font... tried with different converteres that did not work - finally CloudConverter did the job. The only thing you need to change now is your custom.css file...

@font-face {      
    font-family: 'bangla';      
    src: url('../fonts/bangla-mn-regular.woff') format('woff');  



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