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Avatar futuron asked

Defining the article order in multi-column responsive layout

Hi Guys,

I have quite a big problem with a blog that is running on warp7. It doesn't matter what theme. They all do the same. The problem is the order of the articles when using multiple columns. I really hope there is a way to change this.

We have a website that publishes 2 or 3 articles every day. On the homepage 10 articles are shown in 2 columns. But when you look with a mobile device it's just 1 column. With the responsive functionality when you drag the browser smaller (to a size as is on mobile devices) the articles of the right column are placed below the articles in the first column. But this messes the order up, now all dates are mixed...


I know it's possible to set the layout to down instead of across but this also isn't a solution because you'll see an old date next to the newest.
I really hope someone can help.

Big ups for all YOO guys, love warp, love uikit! Keep it up.


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8 Answers


Avatar mustaq Support answered

Unfortunately, there is no way to reorder these on Chronological order up or down in responsive modes.
We will investigate methods to have this done, thus far there have been non.



Avatar julie.deganutti.13 answered

Come on, YooTheme. The problem is here : templates/[your_template]/warp/systems/joomla/layouts/com_content/category/blog.php Fix it already. It is 2 years on and your templates still have this bug.


Avatar wiseacre answered

Still not working when using Multi Column Order: Across



Avatar thomaage answered

Same problem for me, this is an important issue to fix for me!


Avatar hans.de.kleine answered

Is there a solution for this problem? It's almost 1 year later.
I find it hard to believe that the order in mobile is 'shuffled' in mobile view, who wants that?


Avatar katharina.meier answered

Still no solution? I have the same problem... very poor, if this isn't solved within 1,5 years....


Avatar gabriele.sandforth answered

Yes, it's unbelievable, that there is no solution for this problem!!! In 2018 we have the same wrong ordered view on mobile and tablet devices.
Workaround for existing pages: Use widgetkit (grid) and define the view, you would like to have.

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