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Avatar tom.groehlich asked

Is there a possibilitiy to publish/un-unpublish items in a widget kit ?

Hi folks,
I'm wondering whether there is a possibility to simply publish/un-publish items within a Widgetkit (e.g within a slideshow).
Any clues ?

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7 Answers


Avatar kayhan Support answered

This is not possible unfortunately, but is a good idea!



Avatar paceit answered

This feature would make widgets inherently more flexible. I would certainly be able to abandon using Joomla articles if this was the case.


Avatar building252 answered

I still cannot believe this is not a feature yet. Any plans of adding this in the near future?


Avatar tom.groehlich answered

Thanx for your answer - This feature would be really handy !


Avatar building252 answered

Please add this feature soon!

It would be extremely helpful on the slideshow widget :)



Avatar augasteinar answered

Would love to vote for this addition in an updated version soon! :)


Avatar lacwebadmin answered

Can you believe what a support person from YooTheme replied on my question regarding this feature? That it has already been requested here but it only got a few votes... that's why they're not adding it?


I strongly believe that a good idea/feature should not need a vote from clients, it should be added to the product. I am talking about this feature request, which is very much logical. I don't see any conflict it would create, if you do please post your argument. YooTheme developers should have thought of this in the first place.

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