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Avatar jason.learned asked

Widget Kit Video Gallery

Like the photo Gallery it would be great to have a video gallery to showcase videos you have at Youtube, Vimeo or other video sharing sites.

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43 Answers


Avatar thomas.broso answered

I'll make this my first wish as a brand new user of the Widget Kit - a video gallery would be such a great feature!


Avatar shane.mccombs answered

So I guess there is no way to do this now?
Then PLEASE do this! It seems logical to ask for.


Avatar stevebab answered

Everyone should make this a feature request if you really want to see it happen.

As an aside, I would recommend the OSM media player by Mediafront as the engine to drive it. HTML5 compliant, skinnable, playlists, etc.


Avatar michele.bessette answered

Come on Yootheme - you can do this very quickly and offer it by tomorrow if you wanted.


Avatar jerry.van.dodewaard answered

You kind of can do this with making your video's appear in lightboxes and label them with the same groupname


Avatar tory.baker answered

Videos with widgetkit is easily possible

What would be great in widgetkit if they let you put code in a new custom code text area next to the custom link in the gallery, like this:
<a data-lightbox="autoplay:true;" href="video/myvideo.flv" ></a>

Create a box for custom codes for each picture. Then we could put screen shots of the videos in galleries and allow people to use the lightbox to pop them up. I do this anyway since I don't want all videos loading when a page is hit. That is the main reason I put a picture of the screenshot (with a graphic play button overlaid at 45% transparent) then use the light box as a link to the video Image

Brilliant idea guys at least I think so, a coder might think what a nightmare...but it's an idea


Avatar julienb answered

yep, add me as well.
I'm pretty sure most people upload their videos to youtube, vimeo etc.. as streaming videos from most share hosting is pretty bad.


Avatar bryce.edmonds answered

Hey, y'all.
Just uploaded this and it seems to work great. A good answer until a new Widgetkit addition makes it way to us.


Avatar esteban.jones answered

Oh woow! It looks awsome. But its for Word Press and not for Joomla :( You know any for Joomla? Or i have to install it in the Widgetkit?^^ regards


Avatar oguz.copel answered

Yes, it would be great. I now use allvideos but it should be great if Yootheme make his own one.


Avatar hunter.koerner answered

I know it would be a nightmare to create, but if you could get it functioning as well as your other Widgets, it would be an extremely nice addition.


Avatar johanna.gibson answered

I really want this to happen. I've been trying to get a video to open out of the gallery and can't find a way. It seems like a logical feature in today's world of video intensive web design. searching for options.


Avatar steen.jensen answered

me too - in todays media world, its incredible that yootheme havent done that yet, to keep up!


Avatar g128 answered

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Or Video in the existing widgetkit (with sound, controls, play / pause to switch ...) for video html5 local, youtube and vimeo

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