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Avatar michael.anlauf Support asked

Tutorial, different title color in each slide of a slideshow, Widgetkit 2.

You use mostly light images with black or dark text as title or content. So far all is ok. But when you have a image with dark or black background it could be that you doesn't see the text or title anymore.
Here is the solution.
In the slide title or text you place the title or text in a span element.

<span class="mycolor">Title</span>

In the custom.css you add this line.

.mycolor {color: #606060}

Example: www.tucfoto.com

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  • Widgetkit
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3 Answers


Avatar bob Support answered

Thank you for your contribution, it will be appreciated I'm sure.


Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

You welcome.
You should add the possibility to choose the position for each title or content position for each slide.
That would be appreciated by me.

Have a nice day, Michael


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