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CHANGELOG: Widgetkit v2.9.2 (Updated December 22, 2016)

What's New with Widgetkit 2!? Below is an updated changelog for the current version (I'll try and keep this updated so you don't have to find the readme file every time). Click the Star to the left to add this to your favorites for next time!

Looking For The Widgetkit 1 Changelog? CLICK HERE


  • Fixed list widget headings
  • Fixed missing htmleditor field
  • Fixed modal/lightbox in no-conflict mode


  • Updated theme support check (J)
  • Fixed asset combine for UIkit scripts


  • Added no-conflict mode
  • Added ordering option for publish date in Joomla content provider (J)
  • Fixed missing clear cache button (J)


  • Fixed wysiwyg editor


  • Fixed instagram content provider
  • Fixed enable 'parse_shortcodes' in existing widgets
  • Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility


  • Added system editor support on content fields
  • Added cache clearing function
  • Added language filter to article helper
  • Added link media option in slideshow widget
  • Added option to deactivate parsing shortcodes in the widget content
  • Fixed parallax content width with given image width
  • Fixed https protocol errors on Vimeo api
  • Fixed truncating strings with no spaces
  • Fixed large tooltip for lightbox slideshow in gallery widget


  • Fixed ZOO + K2 content provider


  • Fixed ZOO + K2 content provider


  • Added date format option in grid widget
  • Added load jQuery in frontend if not already loaded (J)
  • Added text sizes h1-h6 in widgets
  • Added random order option in custom content provider
  • Fixed MooTools hiding 'New Field' button in widgetkit modal view (J)


  • Added blacklist for twitter content provider
  • Added missing google maps api key warning in location field
  • Updated popover description label
  • Updated grid-widget panel sequence
  • Fixed javascript error in slideshow-panel widget
  • Fixed wordpress content provider content field excerpt (WP)
  • Fixed show widgetkit within menu for users with the capability 'manage_widgetkit' (WP)


  • Added featured articles ordering in Joomla content provider
  • Fixed handling of multiple extrafields in K2 content provider
  • Fixed Google API key error


  • Fixed error in slider- & parallax-widget
  • Fixed broken twitter post ids


  • Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility
  • Fixed map widget warnings


  • Added support for @3x density images (supported by iPhone 6+)
  • Added placeholder image as fallback in WooCommerce provider (WP)
  • Added iframe size options into custom content provider
  • Added parallax min-width option
  • Fixed link required to enable overlay in grid-stack widget
  • Fixed wrong image path with nice URLs (WP)
  • Fixed custom map marker image src
  • Fixed maps cluster icon sources
  • Fixed disappearing widgetkit button (WP)


  • Fixed preview within media picker (J)
  • Fixed use of deprecated function add_object_page() (WP)
  • Fixed images invisible in gallery, grid and grid-slider widgets
  • Fixed slideshow-panel autoplay pauseOnHover


  • Added content rss content provider
  • Added custom field 'date'
  • Added custom field 'pathpicker'
  • Added save place information if using google autocompleter for maps
  • Fixed warning in Instagram content provider when open_basedir is used
  • Fixed media picker selecting videos (J)
  • Fixed loading article tags for filter function also when setting is disabled (J)
  • Fixed instagram caching error of emoticons


  • Updated UIkit to 2.26.2


  • Fixed ZOO/K2 plugins not loading


  • Added customizable map marker
  • Added gutter large option
  • Fixed switcher not loaded in Zoo content provider
  • Fixed gallery / grid / grid-slider overlapping images wrong selector
  • Fixed default mapping in K2 content provider
  • Fixed mapping of K2 extra fields
  • Fixed instagram content provider for php 5.3
  • Fixed Notice when using random sorting in folder content


  • Fixed Joomla content provider with missing tags property


  • Added media2 image to Joomla content provider
  • Fixed items not sortable in custom content provider


  • Added instagram content provider
  • Added HTML editor field
  • Added Joomla 3.5 compatibility
  • Added map widget directions text into language file
  • Added textfield for sorting filter tags
  • Changed content field and gallery lightbox content to HTML editor
  • Moved Font Awesome icon files to media folder (J)
  • Fixed custom content editing for iPad
  • Fixed gallery / grid / grid-slider dynamic grid overlapping images


  • Fixed truncate helper warning


  • Fixed truncate helper function
  • Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility


  • Added truncate helper function
  • Fixed resize images for slideshow modal in gallery
  • Fixed map get direction for marker set to "show" only
  • Fixed ZOO GoogleMaps API warning if location is empty


  • Added custom content required fields
  • Added required fields map & popover widget
  • Added slideshow-panel widget
  • Added switcher-panel widget
  • Added popover widget
  • Added list widget
  • Added new slideshow modal to gallery
  • Added panel style sequence option in grid widget
  • Added media2 to core custom fields
  • Added alternative lightbox image to gallery
  • Added contrast color option to parallax
  • Added alternative content field for the lightbox to gallery
  • Fixed gallery lightbox width / height settings
  • Fixed media 'auto' width / height settings
  • Fixed map get direction without content
  • Fixed caching resized images (WP)


  • Removed doubled content field in WP content provider (WP)
  • Fixed image file format case sensitive (J)
  • Fixed show template specific widgets only (J)


  • Moved image cache to /media (J)


  • Added dropdown.less, fixes responsive tabs
  • Updated maps widget: get directions link always opens in new tab/window
  • Removed include redundant subcategories checkbox in Joomla content provider
  • Fixed caching thumbnails images
  • Updated language file


  • Fixed ZOO item field mapping
  • Fixed encoding blanks in image filenames
  • Fixed prevent double_encoding htmlspecialchars in image src


  • Added missing language strings
  • Fixed Folder Content provider issue on non GNU systems
  • Fixed Folder Content provider issues with file titles


  • Added images from folders are loaded via add media
  • Added Joomla category multi selection
  • Added Joomla modified order option
  • Added max images option to folder content
  • Added autoplay options to slider
  • Updated content provider markup
  • Fixed K2 image source
  • Fixed slideset filter options
  • Fixed widget selection in the frontend
  • Fixed different protocols in the link
  • Fixed widget settings merge
  • Fixed ZOO/K2/Joomla Item/Articles links


  • Fixed sorting items in custom content provider


  • Added support for shortcodes in custom content


  • Added Twitter content provider
  • Added widget type filter to list view
  • Added option for kenburns animation to slideshow
  • Changed click events to anchors at map widget


  • Fixed ZOO & K2 mapping (date, author, categories)


  • Added slideset widget
  • Added slider widget
  • Added parallax widget
  • Added folder content provider
  • Added filter option to show all items
  • Added option to use a second image as overlay to widgets
  • Added option to open all links in a new window
  • Added option to close first item initially to accordion
  • Added option for the kenburns duration to slideshow
  • Added option for the content text size to slideshow
  • Added breakpoint option to grid stack
  • Added vertical gutter option to grids
  • Added button link option to all widgets
  • Added gutter medium option to grid widgets
  • Added responsive tabs for filter nav
  • Added meta data support for content providers to grid widget
  • Added ZOO reversed ordering
  • Fixed media breakpoint option in all widgets
  • Fixed button functionality when creating a new widget
  • Fixed content keeping when switching the widget-type of an unsaved widget
  • Fixed HTML tags for image alt attribute
  • Fixed maps.js for IE10/11
  • Fixed ZOO ordering


  • Added active state for selected widgets
  • Fixed relative URL conversion


  • Reworked admin UI by coupling widget settings and content
  • Moved widget settings from shortcode to database
  • Added copy functionality for widgets


  • Added escaping of content link and social links
  • Fixed email cloaking conflict (J)


  • Added dotnav to nav options in switcher
  • Added support to create a slideshow without media element
  • Added ZOO item reference in item object
  • Fixed PHP notice in gallery
  • Fixed missing first folder in Joomla media picker
  • Fixed image paths in maps widget
  • Fixed ZOO edit view fields reseting issue


  • Added last option for media position in switcher
  • Fixed Zoo mapping issues
  • Fixed 1-Click Updates issues


  • Added multiple media select with shift-key (J)
  • Added filter sorting + uppercase for filter words
  • Added title auto-format after add media
  • Updated responsive behavior of grid-stack
  • Fixed missing language folder (J)
  • Fixed heading margin-bottom in gallery
  • Fixed customizer in WordPress
  • Fixed double animation parameter in grid-slider
  • Fixed get item option for php 5.3


  • Added title and title size option to accordion
  • Updated custom field override priority
  • Fixed navigation position option in switcher
  • Fixed social button alignment in all widgets
  • Fixed lightbox link in gallery
  • Fixed jumping to top of the page when clicking the Widgetkit button
  • Fixed multiple media fields and its meta data
  • Fixed thumbnail calculation in slideshow
  • Fixed broken Joomla cache for ZOO (J)
  • Fixed autofocus for content title


  • Added translation support
  • Added gallery widget with lightbox
  • Added grid-slider widget
  • Added accordion widget
  • Added dynamic grid and filter options to grid widget
  • Added new overlay and image animations to all widgets
  • Added image resize options to all widgets
  • Added option to use an alternative image as thumbnail
  • Added support for CKEditor
  • Added Widgetkit shortcodes for text widgets (WP)
  • Added custom field mappings for content providers (WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Zoo, K2)
  • Added marker cluster option for map widget
  • Added badge field to grid widgets
  • Added better overlay link to all widgets
  • Added support for PCRE versions pre 7.0
  • Updated all widgets according to UIkit 2.17.0
  • Optimized all widget options
  • Fixed zoomwheel setting for map widget
  • Fixed directions setting for map widget


  • Fixed adding Video URLs to Custom Content Type


  • Added ZOO link mapping
  • Added better support for ZOO plugin 3rd party integrations


  • Added selected Widget indicator in the Widget/Module buttons
  • Updated UIkit to 2.16.2
  • Fixed another path issue on installations located in root


  • Added improved default item name (J)
  • Fixed default item name on media select
  • Fixed Google Maps search results z-index
  • Fixed ZOO Content Categories list display issue
  • Fixed path issue on installations located in root


  • Fixed editor button


  • Added content view modes and filter
  • Added Google Maps API lazy loading
  • Added Advanced Module Manager compatibility
  • Added link none option for Grid, Grid-Stack and Switcher
  • Added RokPad Editor support
  • Added error notifications when uploading media (J)
  • Added image option to Joomla content plugin (J)
  • Fixed routing issues
  • Fixed Vimeo media parameters
  • Fixed slideshow nav hidden on touch devices
  • Fixed margin in modal when editing content (J)
  • Fixed Grid-Stack text align on small devices
  • Fixed incompatibility with older Composer versions
  • Fixed overlay if media has rounded border for Grid, Grid-Stack and Switcher


  • Added site styles/scripts caching
  • Added featured filter for Joomla content (J)
  • Added JCE editor compatibility


  • Initial Release

YOOTHEME! Please update the download page (idea below) to have a link to either this changelog post or an official one!

  • Widgetkit
  • Tutorial


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Avatar michael.maass Support answered

A changelog in a more prominent place would certainly be good. For ZOO, Widgetkit or the template/theme packages.

Still: If there is a new version it is generally recommended to update, regardless of what was changed.

Thank you for taking the time


Avatar peter.russell.64 answered

Well done Josh for this and the others, something I asked of Yootheme a few years ago. Just about all other developers have a prominent changelog on their websites without having to download the components. How hard could it be for them? Even a Tweet of an update would be good too.
Many thanks again!


Avatar michael.anlauf answered

Why not publishing in your blog. It's all there to publish it. I would also really appreciate it.

Regards, Michael tucfoto


Avatar yoosh answered

In my case, I also like this idea very much. +1 !


Avatar ynottony answered

Thanks you for this information...

There seems to be a BUG in this release.
Slideshow images not scaled correctly and are cropped. Setting the height in pixels and the width in auto does not work.

Please advise.

-- update --



Avatar joshgilson answered

@ynottony Please open a new support thread under "Widgetkit" for help. Thx.


Avatar simon.latham answered

As I'm pretty confident this is the page that will hold all the update details for WK (until we're told otherwise), I've bookmarked it.


Avatar pascal.netenvie answered

There's a bug on v 2.8 on Joomla 3.6.2 with system editor enabled.

Once i change an element content in a grid stack widget all element have same content in editor (the one i just changed).
And worst if i save it replace all contents ...

Big problem making system editor unusable.
A fix ?



Avatar pascal.netenvie answered

There is still 2 bugs :
1 - If i use JCE editor, go to code mode (in JCE toolbar) make a change and save without returning to WYSIWYG mode changes are lost.

2 - Another very old bug i already feedbacked on forum at start of widgetkit 2 :
If we change default images folder location, when we choose an image in any widget path is wrong.
I explain.
Here our default images path is /content/images instead of /images
When we browse for an image in a widget we see images we can choose it. ok for that part.
But when we click ok we have this for image path :
instead of

Can you fix this ? not really user friendly ...



Avatar pascal.netenvie answered

The path bug is still there ... more than 2 years after i feedbacked it ...


Avatar kunjan answered

Short code [widgetkit id="xxx"] does not work on yootheme pro


Avatar pascal.netenvie answered

Hi Yooteam,

With last version of JCE editor option to use system editor lead to content not saved correctly (especially when we do modifications in code mode with JCE).

Also another old bug never corrected despite i noticed it several times ... :/
if default image folder configured in media manager is not standard there is no thumbnails when we choose an image in media field and after image choice path is incorrectly set (images/ written 2 times).
See more details in my older message in this thread.
Perhaps one day this bug will be fix ... Years we wait for it and a bit angry about that.


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