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YOOsearch and free stuff

Release of the YOOsearch module and opening of a new free stuff section.

YOOsearch and free stuff

In May we added a new YOOtools extension the YOOsearch module. The YOOsearch module provides a clean and simple AJAX search solution for your Joomla! 1.5 website. With YOOsearch you can add a dynamic search box which will display search results while typing the search term into the search field. This enriches your websites experience and makes your content more accessible to your visitors. So be sure to check out the new YOOsearch.

Further we updated our YOOtools website and added a new section called "Free Stuff". This is the new place where you will find all YOOtools which are available as a free download! So everybody who wants to add a little YOO to their Joomla! website should take a look at these free YOOtools. Enjoy!

Currently the "Free Stuff" section provides the following YOOtools downloads:

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