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Free HTML5 Geek Icon

Free HTML5 Geek Icon

We got lots of lovely feedback for Matt, our HTML5 geek. We created him for the demo content of our Vanilla template. Matt is curious about HTML5 and loves to design and develop websites. Of course he is a real Apple fan! We decided to make him a freebie of our icon club. And here he comes, in 32-bit transparency PNG file format with 8 different standard sizes, ranging from 16x16 to 512x512 pixels. Matt is also available as vector PDF file which can be rescaled to any size without a single loss to the details.

Get your freebie icon download and enjoy! If you love Matt our HTML5 guy feel free to spread the word and make some buzz on Twitter about him.

By Sarah | | Posted in Icons

Comments (7)

  • LestroN


    Thank you! although I am not in the club but I love yoo!
  • timewarpfr


    Yoo Theme rocks !
  • Ezequiel Hernandez

    Ezequiel Hernandez

    You may not be aware of the incredible difficulties to find a good character like Matt.

    I would like to suggest to design a few characters in several positions and emotional faces to include in your (our) club.

    Thanks for Matt and for all your incredible job. You realy makes the web looks better.
  • wouter


    | Profile |
    I think Matt needs a girlfriend: Mattie!!! ;)

    Just joking! Thanks!
    • Ricky


      Matt could use a trusty Dog and love interest! Thanks Yoo!
  • mjmckee


    | Profile |
    Yoor stuff looks great!
  • MarniJDerr


    Ok, I love your templates, love Zoo, and love your icons. But I'm a GIRL. Girls can be geeks too. Now I want a geeky girl icon. Just saying!
    Keep up the good work!

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