YOOtheme Pro Page Builder – Create sophisticated layouts

YOOtheme Pro Page Builder – Create sophisticated layouts

Only one week is left until our magnificent new website builder will drop and change the way you create websites forever. Now it's time for the last installment of our blog post series. Let's talk about the most spectacular part of the website builder: the page builder.

What is it for?

Sophisticated page content isn't easy to create. Having to set up a page's layout with all its headlines, grids and other design elements in plain HTML can be daunting and take quite a while. So, our goal was to enable you to create a complete website quickly and to produce perfect, updateable markup without coding.

How does it work?

The page builder is embedded in the new website builder, so that you don't have to leave the interface or otherwise disrupt your workflow. It uses the same sidebar navigation on the left and real-time preview on the right and requires no HTML skills. Elements can just be added via drag and drop and be edited afterwards.

Sections, Grids and 17+ Elements

A growing library of elements, which can be arranged within your page, opens up enormous possibilities for building modular layouts. Create page sections to separate content blocks through background color and spacing. Within each section you can add rows and divide them into responsive grid columns. Open the library and just select an element, for example a headline, a button or an image. Fill in your content, adjust the settings to your needs and then drag and drop the element wherever you want it on your page.

YOOtheme Pro page builder

Layout library

To speed up the process of setting up a website even further, the page builder comes with a comprehensive library full of pre-built layouts for you. In the future, we will regularly add new layouts covering different page types, like "About" or "Portfolio". You will be able to choose from a wide variety of pages that you can load and add your own texts and images. You can also save your own layouts and load them from the library later.

YOOtheme Pro page builder layout library

Build pages in minutes

With its simple interface, the library of available elements and pre-built layouts, the page builder will allow you to create simple and complex pages in minutes. If you quickly mock up a website for a client or tune the layout of a running site – the page builder will fundamentally speed up your workflow.

This was the final chapter of our little blog post series. Next up is the big YOOtheme Pro release day – Monday, October 10th. We are thrilled about it and hope you are too!


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