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Our History

We make the web look good since 2007

2007 YOOtheme is Founded
First Joomla 1.0 template released
01. Mar 1st Template Overhaul
Introduced flexible sidebars and JavaScript menus
08. Jun First Joomla 1.5 template released
01. Aug Introduced Fireworks Image Sources
29. Dec YOOtools Released
Including Carousel, Accordion, Slider and more
01. Jan 2nd Template Overhaul
Introduced Gzip compression and file combining
01. Jul 3rd Template Overhaul
Introduced module system with proportions and Ajax search
03. Aug Added YOOtools gallery, scroller, lighbox and more
30. Dec 4th Template Overhaul
Introduced tableless Joomla overrides and improved module system
19. Mar ZOO Released
28. Apr ZOO Presentation Hamburg
02. Jul Warp 5 Theme Framework released
Introduced Mega Menus, new module system and much more
06. May ZOO 2.0 Released
Introduced the app concept and YOOtools for ZOO
22. Jun Icons Launched
17. Aug Warp 5.5 Theme Framework released
Independent framework with cross-platform support and more
25. Oct Wordpress Club Launched
11. Jan All Warp 5.5 templates available for Joomla 1.6
20. Jan All Warp 5.5 themes available WordPress
24. Mar ZOO 2.4 released for Joomla 1.6
02. May Warp 6 Theme Framework released
Introduced HTML5, Profiles, Styles, Admin UI and Mobile theme
27. May Widgetkit Released
Including Spotlight, Lightbox, Twitter and Slideshow
13. Jul Added Widgetkit Gallery, Accordion, Media Player and Map
01. Aug Added Widgetkit Slideset and new Slideshow styles
19. Aug ZOO 2.5 released
Added Widgetkit Support
06. Dec YOOtheme Website Relaunch
10. Jan Widgetkit 1.0 released
13. Feb Free Master theme released
27. Jun Widgetkit 1.1 gets responsive
02. Jul Warp 6.2 gets responsive
12. Jul ZOO 2.6 gets responsive
15. Oct Joomla 3.0 support
For Warp 6.3, Widgetkit 1.3 and ZOO 3.0
27. Mar Widgetkit 1.4 released
01. Jul Warp 7 Theme Framework released
LESS support, real-time Customizer and new Front-end framework
19. Jul UIkit released
08. Aug ZOO 3.1 released with UIkit support
21. Aug UIkit 1.1 released
01. Nov UIkit 1.2 released
04. Nov Pagekit anouncement