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CHANGELOG: Zoo v3.3.28 (Updated March 28, 2018)

What's New with Zoo!? Below is an updated changelog for the current version (I'll try and keep this updated so you don't have to find the readme file every time). Click the Star to the left to add this to your favorites for next time!


  • Updated installation sql for GTID consistency compatibility
  • Updated URL validator regex
  • Fixed use https:// in google geolocate API


  • Fixed keep current protocol in canonical links
  • Fixed use API key in google geolocate


  • Fixed bug using PDO database driver
  • Fixed error in demo package installation (J3.7)
  • Fixed gallery slideshow element


  • Fixed PHP 7 warning
  • Fixed UIkit 2 templates
  • Fixed alpha-index in UIkit 3 themes


  • Updated UIkit 3 templates
  • Updated module positions when using a YOOtheme Pro template (ZOO demo package)


  • Added UIkit 3 templates for ZOO modules
  • Fixed layout positions configuration
  • Fixed modal behavior in administration


  • Added new core element Item Primary Category
  • Added UIkit 3 templates for all apps


  • Fixed select author in item edit
  • Fixed closing of modals
  • Fixed ACL check for new items


  • Fixed error in creating application (J3.6)
  • Fixed ajax saving of permission rules


  • Fixed error in loading configuration (J3.6)
  • Fixed alignment of category image business app
  • Fixed declaration of constructor zoosearch


  • Updated loading gravatar images
  • Fixed encoding errors on non-utf8 folder/filenames
  • Fixed setting system value for robots metatag
  • Fixed positions.config in default template for download app
  • Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerabilities


  • Fixed push/pull classes in uikit templates for cookbook, movie and business
  • Fixed invalid ID in textarea


  • Added defaultvalues for core submission fields
  • Added Poster image to HTML5 video
  • Updated mediaelement.js to 2.20.1
  • Redirect to login page if guest user has no access to submissions
  • Removed J25 reverse compatibility
  • Hide image link on print page
  • Fix image alignment on mobile module ZOOitem
  • Fixed full screen display video iframes
  • Fixed wrong class name in UIkit template renderer for movie App
  • Fixed missing controls attibute in media element
  • Fixed select author in item edit


  • Itemcategory element's submission view adapts in height
  • Updated EU countries list
  • Fixed submissions.css checkbox/radio for UIKit app templates
  • Fixed Twitter oAuth, using API 1.1
  • Fixed Submission redirect after saving
  • Fixed Print element button display


  • Fixed shortcode plugin issues


  • Added images and links to Joomla importer
  • Removed index.html files from ZOO folders
  • Fixed thumbnail cache


  • Moved images cache folder to media


  • Fixed App install security restriction introduced in Joomla! 3.4.5
  • Fixed Item Feed date display


  • Fixed canonical links


  • Fixed item routing


  • Removed open/unclosed </div> from cookbook UIkit template
  • Fixed missing render layout warning
  • Fixed use of protocol-relative urls in Google Maps and AddThis element
  • Fixed Google Maps element HTML validation
  • ZOO source files can now be symlinked
  • Fixed frontpage editing for non super users
  • Improved item routing fixing some potential issues


  • Fixed application template switching


  • Added item:save event
  • Fixed query issues rised with previous release


  • Added cloak toggle parameter for Email element
  • Added item:changeorder event
  • Fixed alignement in UIkit template
  • Fixed submission deleting bug for users without joomla 'can delete' permission
  • Fixed submission access levels
  • Fixed documentation link
  • Fixed Options element empty values check
  • Fixed itemaccess element submission validation


  • Removed Item Access element as orderable option
  • Fixed UIkit template display issues
  • Fixed zoosmartsearch to no longer trigger an error if iconv is not present
  • Fixed spotlight missing assets
  • Fixed 1-Click Updates issues


  • Renderer minor improvements
  • Fixed content plugins triggering


  • Gallery Element
  • Image Element Lightbox and Spotlight feature
  • Link Element Lightbox feature


  • Recovered index.html file creation in some areas
  • Fixed j25 compatibility issues


  • 1-Click Updates support
  • default layout of an newly created app set to 'uikit'
  • added frontpage shortcode
  • added shortcode output param
  • removed index.html files from ZOO folders
  • fixed usage of special chars in item names
  • avoid errors display if the item is of unrecognised type
  • fixed category:delete event name typo
  • fixed comments email links generation


  • fixed item deleting


  • improved backward compatibility for 3rd party extensions
  • changed _respond.php input to button element for comments submission for UIKit templates
  • fixed rating bug
  • fixed image alignment in UIKit template for product app


  • fixed update script


  • fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility
  • fixed submission hashes


  • added frontend editing for comments and items (ACL)
  • added ACL
  • fixed submission security settings
  • fixed UIkit templates comments headline markup


  • fixed missing matchHeight function Comments' Module Bubbles style


  • updated UIkit icons markup to UIkit 2.0


  • added zoo:initApp event
  • fixed mysubmissions pagination renderer
  • fixed CSV export of checkbox elements
  • fixed K2 importer


  • added Joomla 3.2 compatibility
  • changed the feed order to publishing date
  • fixed update notifications in PHP 5.4+
  • minor uikit theme fix
  • fixed size of image select box
  • fixed element access issue on search
  • fixed "show empty categories" for individual categories setting


  • fixed problem with Publish Down Element submission not accepting "never"


  • fixed mysql index problem


  • added # items filter to pagination views (Joomla 3.0)
  • added UIkit templates to all apps
  • fixed user edit route in items view
  • fixed link element submission "open in new window" by default
  • fixed conflict issues with JViewLegacy and other components


  • fixed a php notice on single submission view
  • fixed bug with Joomla 3.1.0 RelatedItem element on submission
  • fixed canonical links with Joomla 3.*


  • fix for Joomla 3.1.0
  • fixed Joomla importer


  • refactored "Clean Database" function
  • updated jQuery to 1.9.1
  • updated jQuery UI to 1.10.1
  • updated mediaelement.js to 2.10.3
  • fixed use of default values on submission (media element)
  • fixed issue with deleting tags
  • fixed issue with category/tag module showing wrong links


  • fixed jQuery 1.9 compatibility


  • added option to show Captchas for guests only
  • fixed pagination on mysubmissions view
  • fixed item category submission (required state)
  • moved sh404SEF plugin to separate Joomla plugin
  • updated jQuery to 1.9
  • updated jQuery UI to 1.9.2
  • updated mediaelement.js to 2.10.1


  • fixed date display in items list view
  • fixed issue with item counting introduced in 3.0.7


  • fixed rss feed link
  • fixed issue with category assignment (submission)
  • fixed issue with limiting related layout (Related Items Element)


  • improved Google geocoding, by trying to geocode during item save
  • added application:configparams event (3rd party developers)
  • fixed "Add Item" not clickable on MySubmissions view (iOS)
  • fixed Smartsearch indexer (Joomla 3.0)
  • fixed Joomla import (trashed categories are no longer imported)
  • fixed Joomlamodule Element (doesn't show none published module any longer)


  • added item:beforeSaveCategoryRelations event (3rd party developers)
  • fixed Select Element submission
  • fixed settings on GoogleMaps element
  • fixed issue with element position assignment


  • added chosen.js to category select field (item/category edit view)
  • added Joomla textfiltering to frontend submission


  • fixed problem with slug generation
  • fixed problem with deleting codemirror editor


  • items in the item view can now be found via alias
  • the rating element now has an option for Googles Micro Data
  • ZOO allows for unicode slugs/aliases now
  • fixed Joomla 3.0 conversion related bugs
  • fixed problems prev/next buttons


  • updated jQuery UI to 1.9
  • updated mediaelement.js to 2.9.4
  • fixed Joomla 3.0 conversion related bugs


  • added "Save As Copy" button on item edit
  • added Joomla 3.0 compatibility
  • removed Joomla 1.5 compatibility
  • Zoo version 3 released

YOOTHEME! Please update the download page (idea below) to have a link to either this changelog post or an official one!

  • ZOO
  • Tutorial


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Avatar michael.maass Support Online answered

Yes, a changelog in a more prominent place would certainly be good. For ZOO, Widgetkit or the template/theme packages.

Still: If there is a new version it is generally recommended to update, regardless of what was changed.

Thank you

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