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Avatar doguz asked

Add from Library in Yootheme Pro

In the builder we can save various elements to the library. I managed to save a 'Section' to the library. How do we get that section into a layout. All my efforts seem to replace the entire layout with the section. I would assume we could save sections, then insert them into other layouts, without replacing the entire page.

EDIT: I think i'll answer my own question. You just click the saved element in the library, make sure "replace existing content" isn't checked, then it loads to the bottom of the stack. You can then drag it up to where you need it. So the insertion takes place at the bottom, not where you choose it to go. You move it later.

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5 Answers


Avatar joe.bray answered

You should make the default on the checkbox UNCHECKED.


Avatar kanefire answered

Thx doguz. Just came into that question. Library layout isn't intuitive, it leads you to believe you will either save the entire page to a layout, or replace existing page with library layout if replace box checked.


Avatar prox answered

thanks doguz

I agree with kanefire that it is not intuitive but i have no idea how to make it more understandable


Avatar jose.a.suarez answered

The check box "replace existing content" is not there, have more than 80 articles, some are part of a blog, but about 32 are content that I need to link directly, and every time I come to apply the theme the content get replaced so I cannot use this!!!.
Please there MUST be a way not to get my content replaced ofr the demo stuff, this is NOT practical...
Please help, I am using the YooTheme Pro 1.9.1 and the base Fjord.

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