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Avatar swissa asked

Well done on Pro

Someone has to say it....

Wow, cat amongst the pigeons…..

Change is always hard. Warp 6, Warp 7 and now Pro.

First impressions?

Much much much better than ‘Customiser’ (which I never really used preferring to code directly). This one actually makes sense.

I know that it’s version 1.04 only, I know that Yootheme will add more over time and as they say “all good things come to those that wait” so I’m happy to watch it progress with feedback given by users.

Let’s hope the feedback is of constructive criticism and not just slagging you guys off ‘cos someone is too lazy to read the docs, view the videos or just because “it didn’t used to be like this”. We never had smartphones for years either.

Couple of points that I think need to be addressed for the simplicity of users as opposed to developers.

  1. Keep users writing content in Joomla articles. This needs to be dynamic - I don’t want or need customers going into the template settings to edit content. They’ll screw it up and as they are trained to use articles I’d rather they stayed there.
  2. Modules. Builder needs to pick up on modules assigned through >Extensions>Modules to any live position. For instance I can add a search field via the Builder and also via >Extensions>Modules so that 2 show up on the page. Users are used to >Extensions>Modules so an automatic check would be useful.
  3. Dynamic content in Builder is especially important as if I load a component (shop, blog, etc) I can’t style/Build the page through Builder.
  4. Having a few problems with creating a Child Theme so maybe you could improve the docs for this with some screen shots etc to make it idiot proof!

All in, I can see that you would speed up dev of layouts and styles way quicker than with Warp 7. As a developer that means I have infinite flexibility to build out sites that don’t look bought (not that mine ever really have) without having to code so much. When you’ve fully integrated Widgetkit into this and implemented dynamic content this is going to be a sweet framework.

Well done guys and girls.

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Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

Thank you :-)

  1. Yes, we will add a Launch Page Builder button in each article, so users don't have to go to the theme settings.

  2. Mmh, I did not get it. Can you give me more information. You can use the Jmodule element to load any module inside the page builder.

  3. Using the builder for the blog or ZOO is on our todo list ;-)

  4. Sorry, we are working on the docs. Please bear a little with us. Here is the first Child Theme doc

In this thread I gave more informations about the builder :-)



Avatar adam.green answered

Stunning. I'm in awe of it. Great job.


Avatar swissa answered

  1. Most of my users add modules from time to time to a page. Happy to let them do it. I'd rather that they stay in >Extensions>Modules to do it and not enter the template. It would be great though that if I go into template that I see the module has been assigned to this page already and I don't have to add it in Builder. Just want to keep confusion down or the opportunity for duplicates down.

Keep up the great work


Avatar lucrative answered

Exceptional work on YooTheme Pro! Loving it.

I'm not too familiar with this method of support - it seems like an email would be more private - anyway.
I thankfully was able to quickly crank out a site - however, I am having an issue when moving it to another server. I have moved literally hundreds of sites before. Not sure what the quirk here is.

-----------HOWEVER-------------MIGRATION PROBLEM --- please help

YooTheme Pro Site Transfer --- Images + Layouts in Builder are GONE

Site at new location after proper db+directory migrate to new server (same hosting co)

YooTheme Pro BUILDER breaks:

The YooTheme Pro Builder at the new site location does not have the "layouts". The original, of course still does. This was from one hostmonster account to another.

img links are dead. Global solution please.
Img Path after site migration Adding "\" before or not: =" imgfolder\yours\file.png [& keeping it in the ediror before img path] image path to include \ or not
Also, for headers - can you share a quick how to (imgs located beneath yootheme - source update locations).

Do you have a plugin or link recommendation? Maybe everyone should be informed to use codemirror, sourcerer, No Editor - before moving/transferring a site? What is your recommendation please?

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