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Avatar dennis.champlain asked

Is there any chance that YOOtheme Pro builder will be usable to edit websites on an iPad?

I often have to make edits or changes for clients while on the road while using an iPad. Some of my clients also use iPads. I understand that there are limits to what can be done, however, is there a chance that you can make YOOtheme Pro builder work in Safari on iOS?

This would be a great advantage to the success of this new theme framework.

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4 Answers


Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

We have to take a look at it. At the moment it is low on our todo list but sure it would be great.


Avatar goadmin answered

I really do not understand how a website builder, created to "create" responsive content for mobile devices, is not itself working on tablet devices browsers (Chrome, Safari) on iPad (Pro), Android etc.!!!
Not only that it is not showing responsive in the browser, it is simply not working on touch commands! No reaction!
How could that be missed/overseen during the design process of "Yoothem Pro"? For a "Pro" product...



Avatar njsloan answered

I strongly suggest should this topic be 'low on your todo list' you have your priorities askew.

Development of websites including your solution ought not to be restricted to desktops or laptops.

It's freakin 2017 FFS!

And since discovering this obstruction, now I have to drag my hardware to my client's location - and look like I'm antiquated in the process.

Bad form from yootheme not to have considered this a TOP priority in this market / environment.



Avatar 212003975 answered

Feeling this pain myself now, purchased a new iPad Pro and discovered builder is useless on the iPad, quite a shame.

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