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Avatar hendrik.meyer.12 asked

Dear YOO Santa, I wish Zoo for Yootheme Pro!

Hello YOO team, what about ZOO?

We have created websites for many customers. They maintain their own content and add blog entries, news, new products, references … and much more as content. Everything works perfectly with Zoo's submission function: Fill out the form (with categories, pictures, etc.), click on "ok" and you're done! And our customers do not have to use other technical stuff.

We do not want that any customers must use the backend in the future! Create articles, insert images, scale and position (with or without a lightbox) or enter new entries via the widget kit - this is not a user-friendly solution! (For many months, you have two "Blog" menu items in your template demos: a blog from the CMS and a blog in the menu Zoo. That surprised me for a long time.)

Please integrate Zoo into the website builder of Yootheme Pro!
Currently Zoo is just your stepchild. Bring it back to the family as your own child!

Thank you!

A nice Christmas
and all the best for 2017!

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6 Answers


Avatar vhs.hannover answered

Now we have "mid 2017" and I cannot see any news about Zoo here.

Come on, I have several accounts here, and with one my Zoo subscription will expire soon.
If there won't be any new version, I won't renew my Zoo sub and have to look for something else.
You have to know, that I am using Zoo product catalogue with thousends of items, and the backend administration is uncredible slow, especially the image managing / folder navigation.


Avatar ray.lawlor answered

Many thanks for the recommendation Michael Mass. I can help with whatever is needed with ZOO. :)

I've added lots of YoothemePro layouts into my ZOO app and can do more on request.


Avatar hendrik.meyer.12 answered

Hi Sascha,
... here ist the table ... and its after mid 2017.
There are News about Zoo????


Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

:-) Have some great ideas for ZOO... Let's see what's on the table in mid 2017

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