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Avatar mkoornstra79 asked

Logo in front of the menu text (mobile view)

I haven't seen this before in earlier releases but when I select the hamburger button while viewing the website on my Android device the logo is in front of the menu text. Same issue while resizing the browser window.

Is this by design and do I need to adjust some settings or is this a flaw in Youtheme Pro?

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2 Answers


Avatar swissa answered

A url or screenshot would have been useful

but maybe I've guessed right. Maybe not!

You can place the swap the logo and menu icon around as you wish. Go to Builder > Layout > Mobile and there you can select as shown



Avatar mkoornstra79 answered

Hi Swissa,

Thank you for answering. I could place the logo to the right (or left) and the issue isn't there. Only when the logo is centered the issue returns.
I really want the logo to be centered. See pictures below:

Logo centered with offcanvas option selected:

Logo left with Offcanvas option selected:

Logo centered with modal option selected:

Logo left with modal option selected:

Why is it when left/right is selected the logo moves to the background while centered is pushed to the forground?
This does not compute ;)

hope someone can take a look at this behaviour because I think this is a bug.

Thanks in advance,


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