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Avatar peter.leslie asked

Yootheme Pro - Icons in Menu Bar

In the previous Warp7 templates, i was able to modify or add an icon to menu item, typically i would replace the home menu item with the uk-icon-home icon

how can i do this in Yootheme Pro?


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5 Answers


Avatar philipp Yootheme answered

I found a little workaround how the icons in the menu are working again, take a look in my answer here.

Kind Regards


Avatar micha.welter.42 answered

I have similar question, i want to ad a 3. Level Menu-Item an icon. I can't just add the uk-icon" uk-icon="icon: table" in the joomla menu item-class.


Avatar peter.leslie answered

Hi Hendrik

in the Warp7 templates, you were able to add icons using the UK-ICON-xxxx classes
you did this in the template style using the menu section.

i'm trying to find out if there is an equivalent way to do this with YoothemePro



Avatar yoothemeuser answered

Is this fixed now or are the icons in Yootheme Pro still missing?

Ist das mittlerweile behoben, oder fehlen die Icons in Yootheme Pro immer noch?


Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


in Joomla you can select an image in the 'Link Type' options of the menu item. The UIkit 3 Icons are currently not available.

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