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Avatar carlo.dalle.molle asked

How can I display the sidebar only in few pages of my site with YoothemePRO theme MAX?

Hi everyone,

I'm using the new theme MAX on Wordpress.
For now I'm not using the builder to create the pages of my site, but only Widgetkit and the main widgets of the theme.
I have created a Text Widget with a simple contact form, and I attached it to the SIDEBAR. The contact form is now visible in all the pages of my site in the SIDEBAR position.

The question is: is possible to hide the sidebar in some of the pages (for example in the Home page), like all the themes released with WARP7?
I just tried to find a way to selecting/deselecting manually the pages where I want to show the SIDEBAR, but I have not been able to find a solution without using the page builder.

Here the link to my test site: http://www.evisole.com/testwp01/

Thanks in advance,
Carlo dalle Molle

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  • Widgetkit
  • YOOtheme Pro

2 Answers


Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


in our YOOtheme Pro demo websites we use the plugin 'Jetpack' in Wordpress to assign widgets to certain pages.


Avatar carlo.dalle.molle answered

So is not possible to assign widgets to different pages without using an external plugin?

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