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Avatar pixvisual asked

Widgetkit Grid stack not showing in Yootheme Pro

I want to show articles from a certain category (news items) on a page made with Yootheme Pro. However, nothing is shown on the page (only dividers of the items). This is what I've done:

  1. Added a menu item pointing to a single article (that is empty).
  2. Created a Grid stack widget in WidgetKit 2.
  3. Created a module in the module section (Widgetkit), selected the the Grid stack widget.
  4. In the Website builder of Yootheme Pro I choose Joomla module and selected the created module.

Only the title is visible. What's wrong?

  • Joomla
  • Widgetkit
  • YOOtheme Pro

5 Answers


Avatar pixvisual answered

I just discovered that a CSS class is added: .wk-invisible

This, even though I've configured everywhere I can think of that the module should always show...


Avatar pixvisual answered

Unfortunately not. Had to select an alternative solution. To bad some answers take so long to get a reply (if you ever get it). It's a lottery...


Avatar pixvisual answered

Can someone from Yootheme PLEASE answer the question above?


Avatar stefano.ulivieri answered

Problem still there.

actually i solved the problem by removing the class wk-invisible from the file
media\widgetkit\wk-styles-5198cb71.css connected to the grid-stack


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