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Avatar johann.i.weger asked

Are you working on a solution where th sidebar can be used on builder pages?

Are you working on a solution where the sidebar position can be used on builder pages? And if so, do you have a time line? I'm trying to determine whether I should use the builder or not and the sidebar position is important to my design consistency.

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4 Answers


Avatar andras.mihaly.nagy answered

You can define one sidebarposition in the website builder (left or right) for the whole site. But you cannot define it for each pages separately. What you can do is, define in the pagebuilder different Grid Layouts for a section and use J!Module Elements as a sidebar.



Avatar niall.sheehan answered

The only issue is that YooTheme can't hide a Builder section based on ACL settings, the block will be displayed, the module hidden (if the user isn't logged in). This results in random blank rectangles on your page depending on the style it may be obvious.

There are many requests for info/updates on fixing YooTheme Pro so the ACL is properly applied.

That said my solution was to create a layout like this:


Set up all the modules you want on the side save the layout and reuse as needed. Not perfect but it works.

The standard way of assigned modules to positions and pages is prefered but as Yootheme is forcing this crap on us you have to adapt or die.



Avatar sascha Yootheme answered

We just released YOOtheme Pro 1.7 which should solve the sidebar issue. Just use the new position element and select the sidebar position.

Please take a look at this thread to discuss our solutions and to give feedback what's missing and what can be improved.

Thank you for your help! :-)

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