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Avatar evan.ingram asked

Did match height break?

Hi there,

see screens below

I'm sure this was working before, if not what have I missed?


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5 Answers


Avatar alessandro.castagna answered

I have the same issue, two panels that don't match height with the same settings of evan.ingram.

What could be happening?

I checked the code and the builder correctly add the "uk-grid-match".
In the codepen example of uikit3 the uk-grid-match correctly do its work without specifing a panel height.

On a second check I have a slightly different behaviour: if the first panel is higher the second panel won't adapt, but if the second is higher the first will adapt.

How come this behaviour?



Avatar alessandro.castagna answered

Ok, I made a thing and now it works.
I added on Section row > edit first column > Css ONLY
and the others panel adjusted accordingly.

Don't ask me why.

Try it yourself!


Avatar jj.spelman answered

I have the same problem.

@lessandro.castagna - ImageWhat and how did you edit to make them all the same height?


Avatar yannicklepogam answered


Sacha Same issue for me. Not a big deal fundamental but it could help to spot the root cause.

Creating a new section and immediately set the match height works fine! the issue is after, when some modifications are done : especially when playing with section width and padding of the section, then the match height option is sometimes not available anymore and never come back.

As illustration and WORKAROUND : I have never been able to add the match height in a section (whatever I did, change things, clear cache, change browser), but for instance I had no issue to create a new section below and put match height to yes immediately, then save, and then I could drag elements inside this now session without breaking the match height.

Also, I notice sometime the search modal option yes/no or show menu next to toggle icon yes/no have some similar reactions. It sounds like a refresh of the builder which doesn't take all cases.

Thank you for your efforts
Best regards

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