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Avatar wirecreative asked

Fewer icons in Yootheme Pro / UIKit 3?

I've been going through painstaking process of seeing if I could migrate a website with a lot of content from a Warp Template into a Yootheme Pro template. One of many little issues I've encountered is that not only has the UIKit syntax for icons changed, resulting in hundreds of code replacements, some icons have been discontinued entirely, such as amazon and itunes. While I like many of the new features of Yootheme Pro, some of these UIKit changes are vexing, especially the ones that remove pre-existing functionality (see also: no more lightbox; what do I do will all of my Lightbox links?).

  • Joomla
  • UIkit
  • YOOtheme Pro

3 Answers


Avatar carl.gerhard.wieners answered

I still don't get why Yoo didn't take all the icons from UIKit2. What is the reason for that ? :-(


Avatar hamlin.gordon answered

I'm here with the same dilemma, Yootheme Pro is 9 months old is this all the icons where going to get?

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