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Avatar mary.weeks asked

Thumbs down on replacing content on layout change

When you apply a layout to a page, it wipes out the main content. This is really bad for a couple of reasons:

  1. When you are changing an old site to a new one in Builder Pro and you have dozens or hundreds of page, this is a LOT of extra work!

  2. When a client changes their mind and decides they want a sidebar to be added after their dozens of pages were already done, it's a ton of extra work.

There should first be a way to do a bulk edit and add a layout to all your selected pages so you don't have to do it one by one.

Second, there should be a way to map existing main content to the main content area you have specified in the Layout and have it move there automatically.

We just went through #1 and right when we're done, client decides they want a sidebar on all pages where there wasn't before. So now we have to go back through them all one by one, copying the content, applying the layout, pasting back in the content. <sigh>

ADDENDUM: I underplayed this. What's worse is it wipes out all sections. So when we update these pages now we have to save copy in not just the main content but in 2 other sections we added to those pages! In our case to add a sidebar, it may be faster to build each page separately by adding a new section with 2 columns, than to apply a layout. Really not happy about that.

Is there a reason you have to do it this way?

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