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Avatar joerg.gundrum asked

Yootheme Pro & Widgetkit - Together Or Not?

For me, Warp and Widgetkit were an unbeatable team in the past.. Almost all my websites have been created with this team.

Unfortunately, Pro does not work with Widgetkit right now at all and it seems as if Yootheme plans the death of Widgetkit. It is hardly possible to put a slideshow on the top position, since the preview does not even match the final result.

The CSS styles and effects of Widgetkit are not loaded correctly in Pro, there is unfortunately no support in the forum.

How will it continue with Widgetkit in the future? As long as in Pro there are no modern galleries and slideshows with great effects as in Widgetkit are integrated, Widgetkit is, in my opinion, essential, because I would not like to work with third-party extensions.

It seems that Yootheme will Widgetkit let die...


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3 Answers


Avatar edward.kelly.51 answered

I don't know why, but I had the same issue where my widgetkit in PRO did not work the same is widgetkit did in Warp, especially getting a full width, set height slideshow.


Avatar joerg.gundrum answered

Thx for yor answer, Edward!

It seems that many user got problems using Widgetkit in Pro. Styles and effects are not loading correct.
But is seems too, that Yootheme don't want so see these problems, because there is no/less support to all Widgetkit / Pro issues.

They have blocked my account for postings in the blog too...



Avatar phillip.van.niekerk answered

Same here. I am loosing Clients at a alarming rate because of the fact that I cannot compete with other Frame Works......

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