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Thank You!

So I've been reading many issues and complaints with YooTheme Pro, but I just wanted to post this because I think sometimes you just have to post because it feel good!

At the beginning of this week, I had two websites to create for my company. One was a product site for a new product we have created (www.cogneumreporting.com) and the other was for our main site (http://www.cogneum.com)

I have been a subscriber of many years now and have always enjoyed the themes you guys make, but it always took me ages to get the site just right. So I started this week expecting to be at this for at least a couple of weeks, making sure that everything worked as it should.

The first site took a while as I got used to the builder and was trying to find things - customise where necessary etc. I even was a little delayed until I found out about the Joomla bug and the resizing of the images, but it took me just three days! And the site looks GREAT!

The second site took just TWO HOURS!. Ok, it's not a massive site, but still. A whole business site in TWO HOURS???? NUTZ!

So this is to thank you guys on a fantastic job. You still have a little way to go for perfection (!), but this did the job for us, so thank you very much from a completely satisfied customer.

Have a great weekend!

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