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Avatar canberry asked

Open Second Tab in Subnav

Hi all,

how can i switch to an open Subnav Menu Point in a link.

this menupoint should start with a open Secondmenu Tab in the subnav/switcher. It should open PRIVATPERSON. It is possible?


  • UIkit
  • YOOtheme Pro

4 Answers


Avatar canberry answered

On my page "HOME" there a few links.
On the page "about" I have a subnav with 4 tabs/menupoints

If i click on one of the link On "Home"there should be Switch on the page "About" in the 2nd of 3rd Tab of the subnav and not into the First Tab of the subnav.

Is that possible?



Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered

Could you read carefully my first answer again? Sorry, I got a warning from my browser that your site trying to catch private data from me.


Avatar canberry answered

Its a ssl-zertificate Problem from Server. U Can accept this and ADD a exzeption. Sorry For this

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