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Avatar phillip.van.niekerk asked

Compatibility with Third Party Components


Can you perhaps Package a setup where you can cater for Input Forms, Shopping Carts ETC. Because most third party components don’t fit into the PRO layout we lose clients at an alarming rate..........

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3 Answers


Avatar nemanja Support answered

Hi Phillip

do you have a list of non compatible components?

i tried some with my clients woocomerce, rsforms, breezing forms, widgetlogic, basically i never had any non compatible components



Avatar david.dahl answered

The only third party component that didn't work (which was quite frustrating) was the ARK Editor. It would always default back to TinyMCE inside of PRO.

Everything else seems to work fine for me.



Avatar nemanja Support answered

can you edit your first question and add credentials to a website that has the ark editor installed?

so many editors out there, i personally believe that with the builder they are almost obsolete, they just create more problems rather than good

also please let me know the pros of this editor vs tinymce advanced already installed on joomla and wordpress

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