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Avatar lohmann asked

Update to YTP 1.10.0 -background videos and pictures are not playing or mixed up

After updating, compiling less and clearing Joomla and browser cache my YTP installation does not display correctly background videos.

I tried to re-compile the LESS/CSS files, so changing anything in the Style section of the YOOtheme Pro that will re-compile the LESS/CSS files (in style section not template section right?)
and I was clearing all Cache (in Advanced settings, Joomla and browser)

Please kindly advise or tell me how to go back to YTP 1.9.9

Joomla 3.8.1

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9 Answers


Avatar michael.anlauf Support answered


Can you provide admin access in the hidden area of your question?
Please test before publishing the login data!

Regards, Michael


Avatar lohmann answered

Hi Michael,

thank you for your reply. Please see the requested information in the hidden part

Kind regards


Avatar lohmann answered

Thank you again for your quick reply!
I am not sure what exactly you mean.
We could try to patch again, in this case, could you let me know where I am finding the file?
We could also try to "patch back" and set the system on 1.9 again, but again, we would require the a file or something?


Avatar lohmann answered

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately the issue still exists. I found another thread with the same problem: https://yootheme.com/support/question/116203

Another thing: In the Backend under sections, the settings do not show anymore a possibility to change something in this terms.
You could check this maybe with the admin access

Another thing: Some pages are still displayed correctly! Example is given in the hidden area

please advise
best regards


Avatar hendrik Yootheme answered


did the sections where the image / video select fields are missing now, had an image and a video selected before the update?
This results in the effect that none of the options is displayed now.

The two options exclude each other but unfortunately were still shown together in v1.9.9 and before. Now only one option is displayed based on what is selected. It is only possible to select a background image or a video background.

The only solution for this is to create a new section and configure it again. Then you can move the elements to this new section.

Please excuse the inconvenience.


Avatar lohmann answered

Hi Hendrik,

thank you for your reply
Is it possible to delete some code from articles via the Editor and not via Page Builder? We could remove image or video Code
Do you have a guess what code this could be ?

best regards


Avatar moloseb answered

I do have the same problem. (and same solution i guess.)

Just a reflexion: wouldn't it be better to still have the possiblity to have a fallback image?
There are some people who have youtube blocked at work for example. So they would see a fallback image instead of a broken video symbol...

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