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Avatar tormentor667 asked

Widgetkit Instagram isn't working anymore (2.9.12)

Dear Yootheme Team,

I currently have a problem with the Instagram widget. It worked for the past months but since a few days, the whole content of my Instagram profile isn't displayed anymore at my webpage widget.

This is my Instagram profile:

This is the blog page where it was working as supposed to:

This is how I set up my Instagram Widget

My profile is public, so Widgetkit should still be able to pull the information from the account, but nothing gets displayed at all. What could be wrong? Anything I've missed?

Best regards,

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  • Widgetkit

25 Answers


Avatar manege answered

Hopefully You will provide a solution soon.
Productive websites don't show instagram galleries anymore.

Doesn't instagram inform partners of upcoming changes to the API?

Something like that should not happen! Yootheme isn't a hobby coder.


Avatar manege answered

Please Yootheme inform us about progress for a solution. Our clients want to have answers aswell!


Avatar thomas.venugopal.19 answered

I'm really disappointed about the facts:

  • Bug is known for at least 3 weeks
  • Widgetkit uses an undocumented API
  • no ETA on the fix
  • poor forum moderators have to bring us the bad message

This is the thing which make me really really angry. The one thing is to have a bug - the other thing is to give no feedback, no information, no ETA, no customer service - only forum moderators who have to bring the sad message that they know nothing. For me this is not the professional behaviour I'm used to deliever my customers - and so I don't exspect it from other companies I work with. This really increases the doubt if yootheme is appreciating their customers. My feeling says: no, they have their own agenda.

AND: I often read statements from the officials yootheme staff but they always miss the opportunity to give us the feeling that they hear us.

A disappointed customer



Avatar efusion answered

waiting as well. when will there be an update on this?


Avatar daniele.danesi.48 answered

me too... and i have this widget on all my customer's websites !!! please develope solution !!!


Avatar around.world answered

I agree with Thomas, this is a very unprofessional behavior that hurts Yootheme customers :/


Avatar thomas.p Support answered


Widgetkit has been updated to version 2.9.13 including an update to the Instagram content provide. Please update to the latest version.

Thank you


Avatar andrew.crossan answered

If you're using a Yootheme template, going into Templates > Styles > Settings and clicking Compile LESS worked for us.


Avatar wolkenfutter.de answered

We are on Widgetkit 2.9.16 and it is not working. Any news on this? Do you need access to our site?


Avatar dmeimaris answered

Hi, any news from Yootheme on this? Have you replicated the problem of the instagram not working? Do you need access to a site with a problem?

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