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Avatar jj.spelman asked

Major issue with YTP 1.10.3 update

The section Style selections are not what they were before the update. I added a video background to a section, then updated to latest version of YooTheme Pro (1.10.3) and the video disappeared. The dropdown to select Video as the style is gone. The dropdown normally has Default pre-selected, but it is now blank.

Please advise.

See screen shot.


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7 Answers


Avatar jj.spelman answered

Updating to 1.10.4 this morning was no help. Please let me know what to do asap!!


Avatar jj.spelman answered

I also installed a fresh installation of the latest Joomla and YooTheme Pro 1.10.4 for a completely separate site - same issue - no video Style.

What is going on???


Avatar zoccolocd answered


That's all nice and well, but as reported in other topics already, existing video backgrounds get deleted. Besides, if you switch to "Default", the video field doesn't appear. Neither does the image field.
If you create an entire new section both fields do appear. However that's a hell of a job on existing sites.
So...Please fix this...


Avatar jj.spelman answered

@thomas - yes you are correct - if you are installing a new instance of the Joomla framework and Yootheme pro. However, as indicated in my initial post, when updating an existing site to 1.10.3, the video is completely deleted and there are no fields for either the video or image, as shown in the screen shot.

I had to re-install 1.9.4 to get my video back to the way it was. I am not not going to update to 1.0.X until I know the issue is corrected.

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