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Avatar paolo.spanu asked

Year-end doubts on yootheme pro

The yootheme pro product together with the builder is really valid ... Unique year-end doubts:

a) widgetkit could be inserted into the builder without having to create modules

b) the builder popover does not work well ... If the clickable points are in the margin of the background photo or if the text inside the popups is excessive the text will be cut according to the devices. It would be nice if the points in the map on the click, would make the DIV appear outside the map (this can solve the problem)

c) widgetkit Instagram does not work yet. How long we have to wait

d) the implementation of the module loadmodule (of moduleanywhere) within the html was useful. It is no longer possible to use it. Let us know how the new builder makes the call to the forms courtesy

e) Slideshows as beautiful as they are (with parallax effects etc.) have a cumbersome management. We cannot add class for each slide content and the different slide are not marked with a ID ( so it is not possible to change the behavior of the individual slides)

f) modules built with the builder can not be used except in the top and bottom positions ... It would be nice to be able to use them in sidebar

I hope some of these things will be taken into consideration. I wish you happy holidays and a good new year

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4 Answers


Avatar hanna Yootheme answered

Hi Paolo,

Thanks for your suggestions and comments, we will definitely take everything into consideration.
Meanwhile, Widgetkit 2.9.13 has been released, it includes the fix for the Instagram content provider. Please update.



Avatar lucas Support answered

I'll send to Staff.

thank you for your consideration.


Avatar paolo.spanu answered

Someone can tell me how i can CALL modules into (for example) a widget buil in widgetkit? I know that i can use {loadposion} but every time i need to create a new position name for each module.. How the builder call the module when i choose a Builder-widget J-Module? Thank you


Avatar hanna Yootheme answered

Hi there Paolo,

Please create a new question. It is then easier for the Support team to find it and solve it. Make sure you have One issue per question. This way, you will get an answer quicker.


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