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Avatar ozelot asked

Multilanguage Site with Yootheme and Widgetkit 2 - Better Wordpress or Joomla?


I come from Joomla, but generally want to switch to Wordpress for future projects.
Currently I have to build up a Multilanguage Site (german/parts in english).
As I read that Widgetkit /2 has no Multilanguage Support, I wonder how to realize the Project in the best way.

Has anybody out there got experience with multilingual sites running with Warp7/Yootheme Theme + Widgetkit 2 on Wordpress? Examples of running Websites?
Which compatible Language Konfiguration/Plugin could you recommend – Multisite or WPML or ... ?
I found a detailed blog post here http://wplang.org/translation-plugins-languages/,
but I don't know, which option is practicable, tested and compatible to Yootheme Templates AND Widgetkit.

Or simply using Joomla for Multilanguage Sites? -> Short best practice description or link for translating widgetkit elements would be useful.


Nobody an idea?

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Avatar carola.ising answered


I have the same issue to make a decision between joomla and wordpress for a multilanguage site. Are there any solutions / recommendations?
Which plugin to work with yootheme/ wordpress is supporting also widgekit 2?

Thank you!

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