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Avatar rachel.brown asked

Can I hide the zoo item list in a zoo category view?

Hello, I have a category-view page listing a number of zoo items. The plan is going to be to add in a report to the category description field which will include hyperlinks to each of the items. Therefore there will be no need to show the items listed/hyperlink to them in the usual way.

Is there a setting in the backend which would allow me to hide all of the zoo items of a particular category on a category-view page JUST for this particular page? I tried changing a few of the settings in Category > Template but no luck (probably because they're all settings for the category rather than for the items!). I couldn't see any settings that would do the trick at the item level either.

Perhaps this simply isn't possible (appreciate it would be an unlikely scenerio!) but if you could let me know whether I've missed something obvious that would be great. Otherwise we'll programme the items not to show on that page manually :).

Many thanks!

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2 Answers


Avatar nicholas.i.cahill answered

Hi there, I had the same issue, and found that if you enter 0.0 (not just 0) into the 'Items per Page' field in the Category Configuration, then the Category page loads with no items displayed, although the items remain published, and if linked to from elsewhere, they will still appear. Here is a useful related article:


Avatar chris.almeland.9 answered

Tnx for posting
You are a genious =)

Just what I was looking for.

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