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Avatar fojumo asked

Widgetkit Switcher Add Social another Icon (widgetkit 2)

With the Helios theme I've tried to make changes on the widgetkit switcher our team and add a linkedin button (like the previous Facebook, twitter and google plus) but don't know how to do that. When I try to add a Manage Custom Fields copying the facebook one, the icon doesn't show... (image linked)
I've also tryied to add the following script on the additionnal script of the template settings but it didn't bring a change

jQuery(function($) {
$('.uk-switcher a.uk-icon-twitter').attr('target', '_blank');
$('.uk-switcher a.uk-icon-facebook').attr('target', '_blank');
$('.uk-switcher a.uk-icon-google-plus').attr('target', '_blank');
$('.uk-switcher a.uk-icon-linkedin').attr('target', '_blank');

Anyone can help ?


  • Widgetkit
  • Helios

1 Answer


Avatar lumiga answered

I want this too, did you find out how to do this?

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