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Avatar claes.norin asked

Widgetkit 2.x pagination support?

Its quite weird that there is no pagination support in Widgetkit. Its an awesome way to show a blog. But without pagination to the older blog items its useless... Pagination should be an option in Widgetkit settings. So lets say I set show 6 blogs. But the category has 25 items. Then it shoule give me pages of 6 blogs on every page and a pagination i bottom...? right?

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28 Answers


Avatar matthijs Support answered

That is a request that is heard more often. I don't expect it soon, but it is on the list.


Avatar tbunte answered

Please add asap the pagination


Avatar senojeel answered

Pagination or even infinite scroll would be awesome.


Avatar tomasz.zielinski answered

I join this request.
Widgetkit grid set limit, eg. 10 elements on the page and paged 1page, page 2, page 3 etc.


Avatar akcreation answered

I would also like to request Widgetkit support for pagination please, this is a major feature which is lacking with widgetkit with regards to being able to display blogs.

Many thanks,



Avatar claes.norin answered

Ok, please try to add it as it would be great for blogs.

/ Claes


Avatar rikard.jespersen answered

i cannot but agree, pagination is crucial when using the widgetkit to render blogs.


Avatar nuberu answered

Yep, imprescindible to render a blog with widgetkit.


Avatar geeksonthebeach answered

Bump, please add pagination to the grid and gallery widgets.


Avatar chantal.gac.artigas answered

definitly: List widget needs to be able to show a pagination, else, it's just useless...


Avatar david.utrilla answered

It was just about to make the same request when I find this post . I support the request , it would be great to have it.


Avatar sitioweb answered

I was going to open a support ticket for this.

When I use the grid I do not have to worry about the title being too long, the grid take cares of the margins for me.
It shows everything in a really nice organized way.

Please work it out. It is a BIG time saver.

By the way it has been a few months from the last request. Is the pagination going to be ready anytime soon?



Avatar de.man answered


I would need the same funcionality, it seems logical widgetkit would have this


Avatar tormentor667 answered

Dear Yootheme team, are there any plans to finally add a pagination feature to the Widgetkit 2.x?


Avatar regine.wilber answered

Dear Yootheme team, we are struggling with the same... Is there a way or is something planned to be released soon?

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