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Avatar juergen.buchberger.77 asked

Widgetkit 2: Switcher Autoplay Download

I was really missing the autoplay feature on Widgetkit2 Switcher. In the support forum I found some valuable tips in this discussion. Many thanks guys for pointing in the right direction.

I added some small php snippets and did some little modifications, like a counter to add the hidden link automatically at the first instance of the loop, removed a div, added a list, a small bit here and there. Nothing special... Now it should work out of the box. I have tested it within latest Joomla, the Salt Theme and with ZOO Content.

On our upcoming DMT Club site, you can see it live here:

Because of attaching zips isn't allowed. You can download it free from our DMT DataCloud with the passwort: AutoPlay!

Please give me some feedback. If you find some little bugs, give me a hint and we will fix them.

Best regards,

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8 Answers


Avatar michael.maass Support Online answered

Because of attaching zips isn't allowed. You can download it free from our DMT DataCloud with the passwort: AutoPlay!

It is highly appreciated that your share your findings here and even provide a download package of your custom Widgetkit "Switcher Autoplay".

I installed it and found it working fine.

For anyone who wants to use this custom Widgetkit "Switcher Autoplay" with a Warp 7 template/theme:

  • Download the package and locally expand it.

  • Upload the folder switcher-autoplay (including all content) to

    templates/yoo_Warp7Template/widgetkit/widgets/switcher-autoplay (Joomla) or
    wp-content/themes/yoo_Warp7Template_wp/widgetkit/widgets/switcher-autoplay (WordPress)

  • Create a new Widgetkit or edit an existing one, and select the type "Switcher Autoplay":


Configure it according to your needs.

Thank you


Avatar emmaluc answered

Thanks a lot !! It helps me to use it on the tabs widgetkit.


Avatar holgerwess answered

I want to upload the switcher-autoplay without an WARP 7 template. Where is the place for me to upload the files?


Avatar juergen.buchberger.77 answered

Fore use without a Yootheme template and Joomla upload the folder "switcher-autoplay" to "admin/components/com_widgetkit/plugins/widgets".



Avatar gene.ward answered

I tried the link to download the autoplay switcher and no such luck. I really need to be able to have the switcher be autoplay for a website I am working on. I have tried the codes that others suggest and they aren't working properly. HELP Please.


Avatar juergen.buchberger.77 answered

I tried the link and it's working, please be careful by typing the password, it's case sensitive. Good Luck!


Avatar justin.conn answered

I'm using switcher-autoplay with SixthAvenue and it's working great - except for one issue. The full-width dropdown in the navbar is automatically closed every time the switcher moves to the next slide. It causes quite a bit of confusion for the user because while looking through the links in the dropdown, it suddenly closes.

Any chance someone has a fix for this?


Avatar juergen.buchberger.77 answered

@justin.conn: Please send me a link to your installation and I will have a look at it. If you don't like to post the URL here, you can visit our website, scroll down to the footer and send me a mail to the mentioned email address.

Best regards, Jürgen

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