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Avenue Theme

February 2014 YOOtheme club theme

Avenue Theme

Say hello to Avenue, our February 2014 theme release! Avenue is a boxed styled theme with smooth drop shadows, condensed typography and light gradients that will perfectly fit your business, magazine or blog website. It comes with 8 different style variations making it suitable to a broad range of projects.

Avenue features a modern box styled layout, classic navbar design and logo position making it look more classic, like a Warp 5 or 6 theme but with modern technologies like full UIkit and Warp 7 support. The different theme styles are include plain background colors and nifty background graphics. Additionally you can select a special boxed content style which can be turned on and off.

Avenue is based on Warp 7 and provides full support for LESS. The front-end is completely built with UIkit and can be modified through the Customizer. You can change colors, spacing and fonts without having to write a single line of code. To get you started, Avenue already provides 8 different style variations to choose from.

  • Full LESS support
  • Full UIkit integration
  • 8 pre-built style variations available
  • Customizer with color picker and Google fonts support
  • Beautiful off-canvas navigation for mobile devices
  • All Warp framework features are available

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By Danny | | Posted in Themes

Comments (42)

  • bigjens


    | Profile |
    Nice! I like this one and I like the included styles.
  • dene.wilby


    | Profile |
    LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you!
  • schmallegger


    | Profile |
    good job!!!
  • amir.hesari


    | Profile |
    Very nice !
  • rune.kjaer


    | Profile |
    Nice theme....
  • websyn


    | Profile |
    Thanks for moving the logo out of the navbar!
    • pedro.pestana


      | Profile |
      Very very useful, more easy. Good job.
  • morgan.gustafsson


    | Profile |
    Very nice, very useful!
  • andreas.67


    | Profile |
    good production value. thanks.
  • zrenjaninac


    | Profile |
    Looking good... :)
    Great job guys.
  • frank.aucoin


    | Profile |
    Very, very nice! Well done.
  • jakexo


    | Profile |
  • renem


    | Profile |
    That's the way i like it! great job!
  • carl.gerhard.wieners


    | Profile |
    I really would love every template to have the mosaic position implemented. That would be so great ! :-)
    • akcreation


      | Profile |
      totally agree - I asked for this on the support forum but it got voted down - so I'm guessing it won't happen. I'd happily even pay extra for the masonry plugin as an extension to the templates. It's a waste just having things like that on one template
      • ryan.jones


        | Profile |
        I think this would be awesome if it were added!!
  • orsat.munitic


    | Profile |
    Well done, a huge improvement from several previous templates
  • philipp.bruhin


    | Profile |
    Great! Thank you YOOtheme team :-)
  • stepswater


    | Profile |
    Really nice template, perfect for all sorts of websites.
  • magmendes


    | Profile |
    OMG! So beautiful! I love it! :)
  • peter.daalmeer


    | Profile |
    Very, very usefull. See all the positive reactions!. Yootheme is back.
    More like this usefull templates in the future!
    For me THANKS!
  • elfis


    | Profile |
    On my computer Lightbox doesn't work in demo.
    • danilo.lutti


      | Profile |
      lightbox doesn't work? (Modern Flats image in demo bottom A for example)
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Actually we didn't add the lightbox there. You can add it if you want. It will work perfectly.
  • elfis


    | Profile |
    But I really like this one.
  • hubert.cole


    | Profile |
    Wow ... You guys are listening! This one can make it as a production site!
    I lovw it
  • wayne.yang.97


    | Profile |
    This can be customize easily with Nano 3.
    Don't know know Why you guys think is great.
    First: Customizer don't have the configuration of background image. Second: There are no sticky navi.

    To me : it just like another Nano 3 theme.
  • pkonstan


    | Profile |
    Nice. Thanks for listening. This is very versatile. Keep it up and I'll keep renewing my dev membership.
  • thomson


    | Profile |
    this is "cutting-edge-design" - very brillant indeed! You really know what's trendy in webdesign!

    Please add the "sticky navi" and it is really perfect :-)
    • greenparrot


      | Profile |
      you can easily add a sticky nav with just a few lines of css, if you want to get funky have a look at http://wicky.nillia.ms/headroom.js/
      • sonicworks


        | Profile |
        Hey Greenparrot, how would you use headroom with this template. I'm new to Warp, is there a specific place I need to place the .js file. Cheers
        • greenparrot


          | Profile |
          i'd be happy to walk you through deploying headroom.js
    • morgan.gustafsson


      | Profile |
      You could also use uikit sticky add-on for this purpose: http://www.getuikit.com/docs/addons_sticky.html
      • thomson


        | Profile |
        Hey Morgan.Gustafsson!

        UIkit was the kind of answer I was looking for - you know - "easy and without too extensive coding".

  • koray.cokol


    | Profile |
    thank you yooteme
  • condorazul


    | Profile |
    Nice one, much better than previus themes and useful for lot of things
  • per.pegard


    | Profile |
    Very nice and usefull template/theme. Thanks.
  • tannreiser


    | Profile |
    I like the desktop version and design and I like the different styles. I love that the logo is back where it should be, and not in the keyhole on the navbar. I also like that the navbar is placed where it should be and not on the top.

    But I don't like the mobile version because of the padding and margins. The mobile screen is limited and the theme steeles 25% of the space. This empty space I like to use to something useful and not only to an empty space.
  • garth.newman


    | Profile |
    Meh, maybe it's just me, but the design actually looks dated in my opinion.

    It's better than some of the very bland designs as of late, but the fun extras (mosaic effect, full screen pos, ect...) aren't there. I guess it's either a little actual design or function add-ons, but not both?
  • paulgreene


    | Profile |
    Thanks for the logo + social + top menu better distribution! now we are talking...... will use it right away......
  • aksel


    | Profile |
    Great template.

    Good job Yootheme! :)
  • rene.waldbauer


    | Profile |
    big like! good job :-)

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