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Pinewood Lake Theme

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Pinewood Lake Website for YOOtheme Pro

The weather here in Hamburg makes us long for fire and warm socks, so let us get cozy with our multi-functional Pinewood Lake theme. Texture, authentic style and grunge elements make our March theme perfect for recreation hotels and resorts, wildlife parks and outdoor activities, restaurants and bars and other related businesses. So lean back, and let's dive into details.

By Danny | | Posted in Themes | 16 comments

Vision Theme

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Vision Website for YOOtheme Pro

Hey YOOtheme Pro fans, it's time for a new theme in the new year! Here is our Vision, a modern design agency theme for WordPress and Joomla. It has a clear, straightforward look where the details play the main role. Vision not only has a great design, it also incorporates all the amazing features of YOOtheme Pro 1.11 with the highlight – the new Slider.

By Danny | | Posted in Themes | 21 comments

Florence Theme

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Florence Website for YOOtheme Pro

The last theme in 2017 is all about looking fabulous! Our new demo Florence is a beauty business theme and a perfect reminder to spruce up before Christmas. Florence also incorporates all the great features YOOtheme Pro released this year including our already popular Slideshow element.

By Danny and Ozair | | Posted in Themes | 35 comments

Lilian Theme

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Lilian Theme for YOOtheme Pro

A romantic October is upon us with Lilian, our latest theme release for Joomla and WordPress. Lilian comes with a smooth and narrative layout, features eight beautiful pages and is a perfect fit for topics like a wedding or any other event whose story should be told in a very personal way. Lilian includes the latest features of YOOtheme Pro and UIkit.

By Anne and Franziska | | Posted in Themes | 29 comments

Morgan Consulting Theme

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Morgan Consulting Website for YOOtheme Pro

This September we are getting down to business with Morgan Consulting, our latest theme release. This template comes with a wrapped layout and a straight and tidy design. Its 11 pages are custom made to fit consulting, finance, legal or any kind of business websites. Morgan Consulting comes with the latest features of YOOtheme Pro and UIkit.

By Sergej and Ozair | | Posted in Themes | 17 comments

Jack Baker Theme

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Jack Baker Website for YOOtheme Pro

Say cheese! The name of this month’s shooting-star is: Jack Baker! Our August theme for Joomla and WordPress presents photography or any other creative business in 12 well matched black and white layouts. It comes with new features, like a powerful lightbox – recently added to UIkit – and a cool looking button effect. The photography topic is presented with the help of new gallery options and highlighted by large background typography.

By Anne and Sergej | | Posted in Themes | 41 comments

45 New Styles

YOOtheme Pro adds a huge style library

YOOtheme Pro adds a huge style library

This month we are mixing things up a bit. Instead of a new theme release we are thrilled to present to you another milestone in the development of YOOtheme Pro: The Style library! It offers a huge range of color variations for existing Pro styles and helps you to easily change the appearance of your whole website. The library has access to all Pro styles that have been released so far and new color variations will be added with every theme release. Take also a look at our YOOtheme Pro 1.8 to learn more about all the new features.

By Melanie | | Posted in Themes | 58 comments

Juno Theme

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Juno Website for YOOtheme Pro

Showtime for this month‘s release: Juno! Our June 2017 theme for Joomla and WordPress presents interior, architecture and furniture related content in 7 well-matched layouts. It comes with a bunch of new features from the latest YOOtheme Pro version 1.7, like the much anticipated Parallax effect as well as the Popover and Newsletter elements. All these are perfectly integrated into the light and modern style of Juno. The tiled layout and use of pastel colors make this release stand out.

By Franziska and Ozair | | Posted in Themes | 22 comments

Vibe Theme

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Vibe Website for YOOtheme Pro

Just a few days after the release of YOOtheme Pro 1.6 we are happy to present to you our May 2017 theme Vibe. Apart from using the newest Pro features, like the Table and Countdown elements, it comes with a richer visual design and a focus on graphical details and modern effects. With its dark background, colorful gradients and subtle textures, Vibe is perfect for music artists, bands, DJs and of course all kinds of music related websites. But it can also be used for any other web project with its futuristic, dark style.

By Danny | | Posted in Themes | 52 comments

Copper Hill Theme

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Copper Hill Theme for YOOtheme Pro

This April we've got a tasty treat for you. Our new theme for Joomla and WordPress Copper Hill presents restaurants or any other business in an open, generous layout. It comes with new YOOtheme Pro 1.5 features, like an enhanced Description List element and a completely overhauled Offcanvas and Modal navigation. Fixed image sections and playful background illustrations mix up the light layout.

By Anne | | Posted in Themes | 37 comments