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Flux template

August 09 YOOtheme club template

Flux template

Get your hands on Flux, the newest YOOtheme template creation. Flux is based on the new Warp5 Joomla template framework and is designed with a chromish style which looks perfect for example for gaming sites.

Flux shines with its flashy menu bar, for which we once again used our amazing fancy menu: The menu items look like they are buttons pushed into the menubar. Also the YOOsearch and the breadcrumbs fit in perfect with the template design. Of course, Flux comes with our awesome new Warp5 menu that you might already know from our last template Phoenix. It also allows you to publish modules in the dropdown menu and, like all our templates, it comes with loads of module variations.

Warp5 updates

We also added some new features to our Warp5 framework:

  • The fancy menu effect is now also applied to modules published on the menu position.
  • The effect of the fancy menu remains even when the cursor goes off the dropdown and back on again.
  • You can assign individual widths for modules published in the dropdown via the Module Class Suffix, for example: dropdownwidth-255.
  • You can set individual dropdown widths for menu items via the Page Class Suffix, for example: columnwidth-200.
  • You can turn off background images for a specific menu via the Menu Class Suffix, for example: images-off.
  • We also improved a few module templates.

Feature list

  • Built with the new Warp template framework
  • New muti-column dropdown menu with fancy effect
  • Nice text shadow for headlines, modules and menu
  • Lots of modules with color variations, endless combinations with icons and badges possible
  • 2-1-3 column ordering for search engine friendliness
  • Compact size, using gzip and image sprites
  • Works with all YOOtools (Joomla 1.5 only)

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By Sascha | | Posted in Themes

Comments (30)

  • djserby


    | Profile |
    Awesome looking, very slick!!! Nice job guys.
  • drjonz


    LOVE it!
  • Erwin


    How do you take the new features of the Warp framework in this template and apply them to the Phoenix template?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Yes, we will update the Phoenix template and add the latest Warp5 features. :-) We will always update the framework features in all Warp5 based templates.
      • koobifora


        | Profile |
        I have already installed the Phoenix template and have customized it a bit. How can I update just the warp features and keep my customized template design?
  • rasit


    wonderfulll :D
  • Star


    Pretty nice!
    Will YOOPhoenix be updated too with the Warp5 new features you added in YOOFlux??

    Thank You. ;)
  • Lisa


    Yoo are absolutely incredible! I am impressed every month with not only the look of the templates but with the technology behind them. Great work! Keep it up and I will keep coming back.
  • serhan.ozdag


    | Profile |
    That looks great..! Looking forward to use it..!
    Great job, thanks for all YooTheme team...

  • denys.zayets


    | Profile |
    Great work but i like more Phoenix
  • koobifora


    | Profile |
    What about the Warp5 updates for people who are using the Phoenix template? I would like my Phoenix-based website to be able to have individual dropdown widths for menu items.
  • Zach


    Really? Did you read the comments above? It's already answered man... twice. Great template guys.
  • johoo


    GREAT ! thanks
  • the.shogun


    | Profile |
    AWESOME!!!!!.... BLACK.... give us some dark templates guys!
  • jacob.whitaker


    | Profile |
    I am completely on board with this move! I have to say I like the cartoon (especially the single tooth and unshaven whiskers of the IE6 character). I know this will be less headache for you guys at YOOTheme. I hope it frees up more time for continued creative development. You guys do a fantastic job. Keep up the good work.
  • BigStef


    I'm waiting for a long time to see the death of this "Scrombeuleu" navigator - Have translated your draw in french to put it on my FaceBook - Authorized ?
  • nanoboss


    er... I have IE8 since September 2008, 11 months ago...
  • drjonz


    Good riddance; no loss. YOOiecheck should still act as a nice nudge.
  • Yeah, go home IE6
  • Martin


    Wow, a feisty move! Good riddance, I hope many others will join!
  • Waitz


    Make way for evolution! I like the way you development yootheme and tools, and if that means hasta la vista to ie6, then so be it.
  • patrick


    some of our clients work with IE6.... :o( and IE6 visitor represant 5% of total visits
  • Norr


    Good news !!!
  • Eli Juicy Jones

    Eli Juicy Jones

    The only reason this didn't happen 2 years ago is a total lack of will by developers. Back in the 90s, when we were inventing web developement, there was a constant battle of the plugins, and to get anything decent we had to force users to install plugins. We did it then, but for some reason now there is a total lack of wilingness to force people to download a modern browser. It's time.
  • Kevin


    Ouch! In the greater China area, IE6 is still widely used. Entire legacy software platforms have been developed based on IE6, and companies don't have the budget to upgrade them to IE7 or Vista (and probably not W7). This will hurt, because nearly 3/4 of my clients still use IE6. Wish you could push it back to 2011.
  • jordan.weinstein


    | Profile |
    I agree with Kevin,
    Look at the data, alomst 15% of all web users still use I6.


    That's several MILLIONS of people
  • douson


    :)))))) Very cheerfully... The super!!! . thk
  • Curre


    Well, IE6 has to go. Same discussions was when MS closed Win98. -"So many ppl still using Win98, you can't do it!" ..and so on.
    But developers can't stay with the "old ones", its a progress forward that has to be done. "Kevin": 3/4 of you clients using IE6? That is 3/4 of your clients that not going to be able to visit 3/4 of the webpages from middle of 2010?!
  • very good template... thanks !

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