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ZOO 2.0 BETA released!


A few seconds ago, we have released one of the most anticipated extensions for Joomla: ZOO 2.0 BETA! Check out the festive teaser on the ZOO website. The ZOO 2.0 BETA is available only for members who purchased ZOO 1.0 PRO. If so you can go straight to the download section in the member area and get your hands on our new baby! As finish of our blog post series here is a list of all features of the new ZOO 2.0. There is so much cool stuff in ZOO 2.0 that there might be some features missing in this list but we think we got all the major ones!

Application Engine

  • Create your own apps
  • Create unlimited app instances
  • Great looking tab menu to browse the different app instances
  • Build your own custom content types
  • Large collection of elements to compose your types
  • Extendible app parameters
  • Content parameters to extend frontpage and categories with content fields
  • Content parameters support text, textarea, checkbox, select, radio and image parameters
  • Install, uninstall and export apps
  • Import and export content from ZOO 2.0, ZOO 1.0 and Joomla
  • Frontpage, category, item, comment and tag manager
  • Item assignment to multiple categories
  • Categories with a multi-level hierarchy and unlimited depth
  • Tag system with "Autocompleter" and "Quick edit" functionality
  • Sorting your categories using Drag ‘n Drop
  • Joomla plugins are working with all textareas used in ZOO 2.0
  • Automatically generated slugs which can be quick edited
  • Item priority to support a much more flexible item ordering

Template Engine

  • Layouts with element positions to arrange content using Drag 'n Drop
  • Pre-build layouts for the items like full and teaser layouts
  • Search layout to arrange content shown in the search results
  • RSS layout to arrange content shown in the RSS feed
  • Templates to render elements wrapped with custom HTML code (similar to Joomla modules)
  • Global template parameters, which can be adjusted for each category or item
  • Global template parameters support any form elements like selectboxes or radio buttons
  • Image caching and resizing by width and height
  • Templates for the frontpage, categories, alpha index, tag and item view
  • Alpha index support for UTF-8 characters
  • Alpha index shows categories and items


  • Core elements for item name, author, hits, modification date, creation date, categories and tags
  • Checkbox element to define your own checkboxes
  • Date element has an easy date picker and is repeatable
  • E-Mail element which cloakes emails and is repeatable
  • Link element supports a custom title, lightboxes and is repeatable
  • Radio element to define your own radio buttons
  • Select element supports single and multi selection
  • Text element to define a simple input field which is repeatable
  • Textarea element uses the Joomla editor, supports Joomla plugins and is repeatable
  • Download element which supports a download limit and different modes like direct, attachment and protected
  • Gallery element supports all features of the YOOgallery module.
  • Image element supports auto resizing, lightboxes and is linkable
  • Video element supports Flash, Quicktime, Youtube, Vimeo and many more
  • Country element offers a selectbox with all countries of the world
  • Joomla module element allows displaying Joomla modules on specific item pages
  • Related categories element shows links to related categories
  • Related item element makes it possible to link to other items and to show their image and more
  • Rating element displays a voting with stars
  • Social bookmarks element displays links for Twitter, Facebook, Google and to recommend this item via email
  • Google Maps element supports all features of the YOOmaps module.
  • Addthis, Disqus, Flickr and IntenseDebate element

Comment System

  • Native comments with a very nice user interface
  • Supports approval by default, not by default or is only required once
  • Spam folder and support for spam preventing services (Akismet and Mollom)
  • Black list which checks content, name, URL, e-mail and IP
  • Automatic linking of URLs and email addresses in comments
  • Nested comments to a maximum depth of 5
  • Supports Gravatar service to provide avatars
  • Facebook and Twitter Connect
  • Quick editing of comments
  • Great looking default theme which highlights author comments


  • Item module to display any kind of items from an app
  • The item module has its own layout to place elements using Drag ‘n Drop
  • A search plugin, so that items will appear in the Joomla search
  • Uses a natural language search that is focused on usability by spoken languages
  • Search index which makes searching faster on large numbers of items
  • Tag module to display a tag cloud
  • Comments module to display the latest comments of your app

Note: ZOO 2.0 requires PHP 5.2+ and MySQL 5.0.4+.

Update: Why can't I download the BETA?

The ZOO 2.0 BETA is exclusively available for members who supported us and the ZOO development by purchasing ZOO 1.0 PRO. We really appreciate their trust in our software. This is why we already re-activated and extended all ZOO memberships till 1. June. This should not be a big surprise because we stated this in our ZOO 2.0 announcement 21 days ago (See headline "We care about our members"). If you want to support us too, just purchase the PRO version and you will have immediately access to the ZOO 2.0 BETA! You will also get the new app bundle. Read more about it in the next paragraph!

What's the difference between BETA and STABLE and new app bundle?

The BETA version is exclusively available for members and contains 3 apps: the blog, the download archive and the product catalog. The STABLE version will be free and will only contain the blog app. We will also release an app bundle with new sophisticated apps for ZOO 2.0. It will include the download archive and the product catalog but also a lot more new apps. So once the STABLE version is release you can download it for free and start your new blog. At the same time you can purchase the new app bundle. All members who already purchased ZOO 1.0 PRO will get the new app bundle! Basically the app bundle will replace the current ZOO PRO edition.

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Comments (54)

  • lucky one

    lucky one

    Great! I desearve one access to beta files for the first comment! :)
    • wage


      | Profile |
      Does this mean that one would, essentially, need to purchase ZOO 1.0 PRO, thereby becoming a member who has "purchased ZOO 1.0 PRO" in order to gain access to the member-area of Yootheme?
      • sascha


        | Profile |
        Yes, take a look at the updated text in blog post...
  • waitz


    Finally :-) The waiting is over. Yoohoo!! Let's unwrap it...
  • Linus


    Can't find any download link ;)
  • Kevin


    Where is the link to download?
  • kraymitchell


    | Profile |
    Oh yeah baby! We have been waiting for this to begin building a catalog for our client. Will be putting this through it's rounds for sure! Any documentation yet? I'm sure we will have questions.
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Documentation will be available with the stable release...
  • soesoe


    | Profile |
    congrats!!! checking out right now!!!
  • nathan.bohn


    | Profile |
    so everyone who isnt a member, check back in a couple months for the stable release, which will be free.
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      The BETA version is only available for members who purchased ZOO 1.0 PRO. The stable version will be free for everyone. We posted this weeks ago in our announcement. It will only take 3 or 4 weeks till the stable version is released....
      • 3-4 weeks is a long time...obviously you need the time...but we're dying here :) anyway us without membership can try it? Wouldn't it be beneficial for you to have more members try it? Just a though? Maybe a contest for winning a beta download?
        • opssr


          I totally agree. I suggest opening up the beta to the Zoo community and let us provide feedback. This would help to make the product better and hopefully accelerate the bug resolution process. Yes, the countdown timer was disappointing. I waited for weeks, just to find out that the beta is only available to pro members and there was no demo, so I'm not sure what to think at this point.
          • PunshDrunkLove


            I feel the same way, i was so exited and i made seriously plans to install the beta on my site (in development) now i can throw away my plans

            Is it rational to purchase now?
          • sascha


            | Profile |
            Sorry, that you are disappointed but we stated it 21 days ago in our announcement. Take a look at the updated text of the post above. The BETA is exclusively for our members who supported us and ZOO development...
          • sascha


            | Profile |
            Why not? Take a look at the updated text in the post above. As member you will also get the new app bundle once the stable version is released....
  • Diegoalando


    Ähmmmm a Demosite from Zoo 2.0 ?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Will be available with the stable release...
  • Hi all,
    where is the correct link for dounload ZOO 2.0 BETA?
  • I didn't catch that the beta was only for PRO members, so watching that clock tick down to 0:00 has been exciting but :( ... you could at least make the note more visible ... why so hidden? SO, if I purchase a PRO membership today, can I download ZOO 2.0 BETA?
  • anthony.tilahun


    | Profile |
    long time coming! for those who have issues installing their Zoo (tested on 1and1 server) , Unpack the tar files in it's folder maintaining the directory structure and zip it back up (I used 7zip) and I was able to install w/o an error 500 problem or missing xml problem. Major congrats to Zoo on your release! We are all stoked to give this bad boy a run! @yoostaff, Keep truckin!
  • Hi,
    I’m delighted with the demonstration of your product, i’ve downloaded the Zoo Lite Version, i fee this is so easy to use that it seems like an Apple product. I like the endless freedom it gives me to create my articles with such a simple options. But i still have a question that motivated me to contact you, I’d like to know if with the Pro Version 2.0 i could get the following:

    *not only organize the articles in alphabetical order but also in order of ascending or descending price or any other description that i might have in the future.
    *Use the shopping car
    *The option to contact with the manufacturers of the products in my catalog.
  • AlK


    Hi! This looks fantastic! This app totally revolutionizes Joomla.

    What about any of the SEO problems with the earlier version? Such as the unfriendly URLs ("item/root"), and the duplicate URLs (the URL would change depending on where the person accessed the content)?

  • opssr


    I look forward to the new Zoo, especially the demo. However, I hope you plan to have a forum or community site, since Zoo will be free. One reason I switched to K2 from Zoo Lite was because of the community forum. I actually prefer Zoo, so I hope a forum will be available.
  • PunshDrunkLove


    Ehm, i planed to install zoo today for my site, now my timetable is totally blowed up, cause nobody can say when you will release stable, f.e. next 2 Month?

    What if i purchase pro now, will i have the "commercial addons" for Zoo 2.0 inclusive or do i have to buy everything from scratch on at the 2.0 Stable release?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Take a look at the updated text in the blog post above. Of course you will get the new app bundle. We care about our members ;-)
  • sascha


    | Profile |
    Thanks all of you for the great feedback! We really appreciate it!
  • maniac


    Is Zoo 2 joomla SEF working ?
  • So how will the migration from beta2 to final retail work? Will website owners have to uninstall/remove/overwrite beta files when 2.0 final comes out, and what will be the expected fallout should something like that occur?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      The current BETA is very stable... So most likely it is just coping files like you do for a Joomla update... But we can promise, that's why it is BETA ;-)
  • Kev


    This is an amazing tool.
  • Great news guys, wish you good luck!! ;)
  • Laza


    Any database convert for 1.0 to 2.0?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Nope, we have a content exporter for ZOO 1.0 and an importer for ZOO 2.0...
  • tannreiser


    | Profile |
    It's a great work, but I think you still have some work to do. It's useless in a multilanguage environment because there is not a language package as a single file. Or if I want to use Zoo in my own native language I have to translate file by file.
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Language files will be ready with the stable release...
      • tannreiser


        | Profile |
        Thank you so much. I've now done the first simple test of ZOO-2. Apart from the language ZOO is genious. Looking forward for the stable release.
  • pcxpress


    | Profile |
    Nice work yootheme :)
  • Zoo 2 is really impressive. It really lifts standards very high. Your competition must be quite nervous.
    • james.childers


      | Profile |
      What competition? YOORocks!!!
  • Sahil


    good work yoothemes
  • Great news guys, wish you good
  • Nikos


    EXCELLENT work YOOTheme !!!
    Do you, possibly, have an estimation about the release date ?
    Again, congratulations !
  • sazqatch


    | Profile |
    It would be very helpful to know what the price of the app bundle will be. I want the product catalog, and am willing to work with the beta. But as a financial choice, it is difficult to make without all the facts. What will the app bundle cost?
  • Pavan


    This is quite an impressive component. All that is missing out on yootheme is a discussion forum, a support where we can discuss about the commercial and free stuff from you guys.
  • is amazing!!!, nice work
  • Is content submission form already implemented yet?
  • Victor


    When should we expect Zoo 2.1 to become stable? Give us a deadline you have set for yourselves, please. Thanks!
  • Kris


    Hoo, very impressive CCK. It' will most probably be my choice for my next project.

    One question: is it possible to create an RSS feed from a tag ?
  • alex


    Category Sorting disabled (more than 1000 categories) ?????
  • Dux


    can i install and use ZOO on templates other than yootheme?

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