ZOO 2.2 final – Speed improvements, native MooTools 1.2 and sh404SEF support

ZOO 2.2 final – Speed improvements, native MooTools 1.2 and sh404SEF support

  • Jan
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Today we are really excited to announce the release of the stable version ZOO 2.2! A big thank you to all of our BETA testers! ZOO 2.2 is now available to the public for free. The new release is all about bringing the ZOO up to date, with the current Mootools version. But there is more, we really focused on bringing you speed improvements. The new ZOO performs way faster in many occasions. You can read about it in more detail in our last blog post.

We also feature a sh404SEF plugin now, which enables you to customize your SEO links more freely.

The ZOO 2.2 release came after a very short development period. We recommend updating to this latest version of ZOO, as we won't maintain ZOO 2.1 any longer. We have already started working on ZOO 2.3, which will bring you some long anticipated features - we'll hint on them later ;-)

Grab your own copy of ZOO 2.2 and take it for a spin.

Important Notes

ZOO 2.2 will only run with the MTupgrade plugin enabled, because ZOO 2.2 requires MooTools 1.2! Make sure that no other extension loads any other version of MooTools. The MTupgrade plugin is an official Joomla plugin. Because ZOO 2.2 now requires MooTools 1.2 you will need a template which also only makes use of Mootools 1.2. All Warp 5.5 based templates support Mootools 1.2! All of our templates since 2009 are updated to Warp 5.5 so make sure you are using the latest template version. Older templates will not work with ZOO 2.2

Because of the MooTools upgrade, we had to exchange the syntax highlighter in the documentation app. Please read here for the new syntax.

All of our apps and templates are build for the current ZOO 2.2 release. You are fine with downloading and installing them. However, pay attention, if you have build your own apps and templates, some methods regarding the categories item counts have changed. Please refer to the documentation. This is also important if you update the ZOO. If your previous installation was a full installation with all apps, make sure that you install the full package with all apps again to make sure all apps are updated to the latest version.


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