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ZOO 2.4 BETA released

The ZOO is running on Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 now!

ZOO 2.4 BETA released

Today, with a bit of pride, we are happy to announce the release of our ZOO 2.4 BETA. As promised we worked hard the last weeks on making ZOO work with Joomla 1.6. And here it is running on both, Joomla 1.5 and 1.6! In this post will shed some light on the new Joomla 1.6 version and take a closer look at the new features.

Ready for Joomla 1.6

We had already plans to make a major overhaul to ZOOs underlying framework with the 2.4 release to increase its flexibility. So it was the perfect time to take it for a test drive with Joomla 1.6. To achieve compatible with both Joomla versions we added a new abstraction layer between Joomla and the ZOO. This makes it possible to have the same ZOO version running on Joomla 1.5 and 1.6. This means all functionalities of ZOO for Joomla 1.5 are also available in ZOO for Joomla 1.6. We have not yet fully embraced all of Joomla 1.6s new capabilities but this new framework will make it possible to take advantage of e.g. Joomlas ACL in a future update.

New Features

Of course we added some cool, new stuff through the framework overhaul. We are most excited about a new event system which allows other components to easily attach themselves to the ZOO. This is awesome for third party developers. It makes it possible to integrate with other third party extensions like e-commerce extensions.

We also make use of it and added one of the most demanded features for the ZOO: A notification system for both comments and submissions! You can now assign who will be notified on new comments and submissions. Users who post comments will also be notified of replies. They can also unsubscribe from those topics.

After each ZOO upgrade, there were still old files from previous ZOO installations lingering in your core ZOO directories. There is a new feature now, that tells you what files are modified or even unknown. It lets you remove those unknown files, to get a clean ZOO installation. But there is a bunch of other new stuff to explore like collapsible categories in the administration UI and a cool new ZOO Quickicon module.

Tools for ZOO

As you already know, our good'old YOOtools will not be converted for Joomla 1.6 as we have already started to work on something brand new here! Currently our YOOtools use Mootools as JavaScript library but as you know we have moved on to jQuery with our Joomla templates and the ZOO extension. This just leaves the tools out which are soon to be replaced by a completely rewritten version that uses the latest jQuery JavaScript library. We are really excited to give you a look at it soon! For the ZOO 2.4 Beta phase it means we will not include the tools as we have used to, because they are incompatible and will be replaced soon. However we expect the new tools to be ready before the ZOO 2.4 goes stable, so stay tuned!

What's next?

The ZOO 2.4 BETA is exclusively available for members only who purchased the ZOO app bundle. As soon as ZOO 2.4 goes STABLE, it will be released for the public. Members can go straight to the download section in the member area and take ZOO 2.4 BETA for a spin! Be aware that it is a BETA version. It is not intended to be used on a production web site just yet.

We have also updated the ZOO to the Stable 2.3.4 version. It includes quite a few bugfixes and the cool new ZOO Quickicon module.

Please give us your feedback and tell us what you think!

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Comments (68)

  • Dick Groenhof

    Dick Groenhof

    I can't wait !!!!
  • ivo.haarmann


    | Profile |
    Yupieh!! I am excited with this great news. The notification is something I was hoping for - now we will get it - wonderful!
    Does the cleaner only works for files or also for old DB-entries (bak_ in particular)?
    I am not moving too soon to 1.6 - but I will once it is stable - and it is great to know that YOO-Guys are ready with your tools and your framework already!
    Thanks - Ivo
  • wouter


    | Profile |
    So when do you think ZOO 2.4 will be ready for the public?
  • Sounds really cool !

    Dont forget to add a way to put a maximum length to the comments displayed in the zoo comment module and this is gonna be perfect, the notification system was missing, thanx for adding this
  • eri


    You don't know haw happy this make me :) can't wait for this
  • Mike


    Please make ZOO more compatible with joomfish if it possible
    • scott.lutes


      | Profile |
      I agree. I'm finding a few strange issues with Joomfish and ZOO. I would love to see work on this.
  • joblow


    Will this beta be upgradeable to next version?
  • kopacko


    | Profile |
    Dont see the download link the Member Area.
  • Pavel


    Support for JoomFish is the most anticipated features of ZOO. Do it as soon as possible!
  • mnemnoch


    | Profile |
    Been waiting on this for a month now. Great to know, now we can move forward with a new design entirely in 1.6!
  • lucvg


    | Profile |
    only for ZOO members... Jason. But wait until it is stable, then ZOO 2.4 is out for public.
  • Christopher Goins

    Christopher Goins

    Extended / Advanced Search - What are the plans for a search module which will allow users to filter and search categories? Is this being addressed. Example: Business Directory where someone can search within a specific category for a specific restuarant that is located in a specific city.
    • claudio.prezzi


      | Profile |
      Agree! We realy nee a way to search/filter items by elemts values!
      Best would be, that we could select the elements that should be searchable, and the search form ist built out of this...
    • mark.scott.10


      | Profile |
      Yes, filtering and searching are the key tools missing
  • John Walker

    John Walker

    Filters we need filters....please. It's a great system and would be so much more useful with a filter system. I mean you have the ability to give reviews but no way to sort them from lowest to highest.
  • victorhtorres


    | Profile |
    Fantastic, Thanks! XD
  • pascal.magat.24


    | Profile |
    hello, i've paid 99$, where can i download app ?
  • Benjamin


    I also don't see a place to dl the new 2.4 beta...
  • Andres


    I would love to see some work done on the mapping component of ZOO. I think there is a lot of potential there, if only you could load a KML & Export a KML (kind of like an XML feed) then you could do a lot with the data collected
  • sameerdhingra


    thats an upgrade for me , yoo guys are genius. i will be a member for life time from now. Thnks yoo.
  • Greg


    Will this Beta allow the app bundle to work in Joomla 1.6? It sounds like it will... that's pretty cool
  • lukas.werner


    What about multilanguage?
  • surreal53


    | Profile |
    Would love to test, but the link doesn't seem to be there?
  • damian


    please add multi-page support. zoo rocks...
  • Vierdimensional


    I Love that you changed to jquery !
  • James


    What does the quick icon really do? Hope rocketheme guys also switch over to jquery soon
  • dominique.gatschet


    | Profile |
    wonderful! thanks a lot!
    Is it possible to use the multi-langauage tool of joomla also with zoo? Thanks for the answer :)
  • Daphne


    I wonder if Zoo will ever work with JoomFish. The fact that it still doesn't prohibits lots of people from using it in their sites. Don't get me wrong, I think that Zoo is amazing but since you can't use it with a popular multilingual component like JoomFish it's very frustrating..
  • kim


    Can I integrate Zoo and Jomsocial ?
  • craigflick


    My empire and all it's riches for ZOO 4 WoRdPrEss!!!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?
  • delames


    Cool! Add please gallery submission
  • Martin


    Where can I file a bug report?
  • Marco


    Please release the 2.4 languages for 1.6, thanks
  • damian


    please add multi-page support to content. zoo is no 1
  • john.gowie


    | Profile |
    Please could you post a link to the download. I, like Jason, am unable to see the link in the download area.
  • Kristen


    I am a member and am logged in and there is no download link for zoo 2.4beta. It looks like many of us are having this problem. Could you please resolve so we can DL the file already!!!
  • when will be released ? will you tell us about your plans?
  • alec.thorne


    | Profile |
    Thanks!! Is there a full feature list somewhere??
    • Ravi Acharya

      Ravi Acharya


      as this is very impressive and full of features so can i have a list of all the features ??
  • Markus


    Good news, i like seeing ZOO grow!
  • still waiting for hearing from you? please let us know when will you realese??
  • Justin


    great stuff.. 1.6 is so much better and more logical, but definately worth excercising more caution when patching to the latest versions. VERY pleased to see yootheme getting ZOO operational a.s.a.p as it's just superb. well done guys, keep up the good work.
  • alec.thorne


    | Profile |
    What is the ZOO Quick icon module??
  • Chris Gilroy

    Chris Gilroy

    YooGuys - We want Zoo to do ECOMMERCE!!! Our team has already made the switch to have Zoo power nearly everything in our new sites...truly the cooles thing for Joomla since.....well, Joomla!

  • paul.hutchins


    | Profile |
    It would be great if ZOO 2.4 had an updated flickr element that displayed your own sets instead of galleries of other peoples images. Any chance of this happening?
  • AskingAgain


    And mobile templates will be coming....?????
  • dave


    without multilanguage support with joomfish Zoo loosing alot of its potential :-( All my sites are multilingual so cant use zoo at all ....
  • carlos.devia.rojas


    | Profile |
    We need a Zoo Forge or something to publish elements, apps, etc.
  • david.n.sparks


    | Profile |
    Will you make some demo content available for 1.6, even when in Beta. I ask because it make understanding the logic much easier.

    The I think will help improve the uptake of your component!
  • alain.badan


    | Profile |

    If I download Zoo 2.4.1 I get the file for Joomla 1.5

    Where can I get Zoo 2.4.1 for Joomla 1.6 ?

  • adis


    multi language pls .. is very important
  • Blink


    "new event system", any documentation for this. I would like to do some integration pls help with documentation.
  • patricia.mendizabal


    | Profile |
    When will you release Yoo tools for joomla 1.6 ?
  • tatoo


    zoo is a perfect extension but it missed only one thing, a custom search module.
  • chikkala


    | Profile |
    Hi, what are the sitemap tools available for zoo aps 2.4 version. I have installed zoo aps and using cookbook, movie and business directory but unable to create an sitemap till now to submit for search engines.

    Also when can we expect the Yoo Tools / Zoo Tools be released for Zoo 2.4
  • olivier.moreau


    | Profile |
    Very nice!!! i love yootheme!
    That would be great to be able to publish it by email.
  • Machoman


    Any plans for a ZOO WordPress version? Cheers.
  • Steve


    Will Zoo come for Wordpress as well? THAT would be great!!
  • yvonne.lee


    | Profile |
    well, 2 yearspass away, yootheme still not develop sitemap to suitable for ZOO 3.0.

    That's big SEO Problem for every user.

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