E-Commerce 3 Icon Set — Released for April 2011

E-Commerce 3 Icon Set — Released for April 2011

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Today we released our new club icon set: E-Commerce 3! This is the third part of our e-commerce series. For this icon set we focused on shipping and storage icons. One of the highlights is our new truck icon. We spend a lot of time working on all the details and are pretty proud how great the truck looks at 512 pixels! The second highlight is the parachute box icon. We had some concerns because of the different perspective of this icon but we are really suprised how well this worked out. The icon set also includes a pallet and sack barrow with different boxes as well as a shopping bag in different color variations. This makes 13 altogether. All icons come in 32-bit transparency PNG file format and in 8 different standard sizes, ranging from 16x16 to 512x512 pixels. It makes a total of 104 newly handcrafted icons which are of course optimized for each specific size.

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E-Commerce Icon Set 3

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