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Blog Icon Set

Today we released our icon set for August 2011

Blog Icon Set

We are proud to present a new club icon set release. It includes some very nice icons: A very detailed messenger bag, different types of moleskins, a newspaper, a coffee cup and different colored paperplanes. This makes 12 icons altogether. All icons come in 32-bit transparency PNG file format and in 8 different standard sizes, ranging from 16x16 to 512x512 pixels. It makes a total of 96 newly handcrafted icons which are of course optimized for each specific size.

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Blog Icon Set

By Sascha | | Posted in Icons

Comments (5)

  • openpotion


    These should be great for back to school stuff! You really should rebrand them as back to school icons...
  • redzero


    | Profile |
    We've held off on buying the icons up to this point just saving money, but this set is too sweet! We're gonna join the icon club... love the coffee, new and airplanes.. so creative/useful..
  • dave


    wow... the blue bag is immense, CGI!
  • PunchDrunkLove


    Awesome as usual! I guess now it's time for Multimedia Icons ? ;)
  • zoccolocd


    | Profile |
    Nice icons (again!). But why aren't the Shelf theme icons included in this set or in the icon club?

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