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Big Easy Theme

November 2011 YOOtheme club theme

Big Easy Theme

Welcome "The Big Easy", our November 2011 theme release! This simple and elegant theme is the perfect fit for any blog, magazine, photography, nightlife or travel website. It comes packed with 19 different backgrounds and 8 color variations to create an amazing look for your website. You can use this theme with Joomla or WordPress and it is based on the Warp6 theme framework which uses modern web technologies like HTML5 markup, CSS3 features and jQuery based JavaScripts.

Further this new theme includes additional Widgetkit styles which integrate nicely the gallery, spotlight and lightbox widgets for a complete website experience. Widgetkit Beta 15 is also available now, which squishes some minor bugs. Widgetkit currently offers 9 widgets and over 20+ style variations you can choose from. Make sure to give it a try and use it on your Joomla or WordPress website!

  • Available for Joomla and Wordpress
  • 8 style variations available
  • Choose from 8 colors, 7 background styles and 8 fonts
  • 4 module style combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
  • Custom styles for Widgetkit gallery, spotlight and lightbox
  • All Warp framework features are available

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By Sascha | | Posted in Themes

Comments (18)

  • Wayne


    Im not keen on it, to many Blog, magazine style themes in my opinion. I would like to see more themes like Shelf, Air and quantum. Still a nice theme though for those in need of a blog theme though.
  • Bole


    Great Theme, but I think it should be a light color version.
  • terp


    | Profile |
    An 89 score on Yslow and a mere 37 HTTP requests??? Impressive, sir!
  • rocco


    | Profile |
    very nice!
  • siddharth.shah


    | Profile |
    Nice theme few light color option would be great. - Sid
  • nepol


    | Profile |
    Great performance but please give us a little more "Shelf"-like on December...
  • james.valenti


    | Profile |
    I like the concept and some of the new 'little' features within the template but I do agree that a light version would make this a ton better. Dark themes aren't always useful. Good job though for being a dark template.
  • janlv


    Where is the auto-resume on the slideshow? Very annoying that it stops playing after making a selection. Outside of that, everything looks good. Although, some lighter styles would be nice.
  • Felipe


    Amazing. Very different from the previous ones.
  • Wayne


    Make a dark version of shelf for december..:)
  • thierry.peruggia.81


    | Profile |
    Amazing. the content is light ^^ it's a very good theme and useful for my site, thanks.
  • robert.b.escott


    | Profile |
    There's something about this template I really like - it's clean, fast and good looking. I might use it for my own site. Well done yootheme!
  • BrcWlls


    Nice theme, especially for bloggers...definitely needs light color options...thanks
  • ryan.milani.100


    | Profile |
    Love the transparent styling for widgets.
  • Fleetz


    yaaay! the first yootheme I'm definitely intoo! this is art! i like big fonts and minimalism. and as said before a white version would be nice!
  • michaela.meinert.38


    | Profile |
    Cool! Good job. And it is much much faster then many many other templates or sites out there. Like it.
  • Lacey


    Very nice design. Will BuddyPress work with this?
  • Christopher


    This is wonderful!

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