Warp 6.1 Released

Warp 6.1 Released – New System Check, Social Buttons and more

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The Warp theme framework 6.0 is out for a while now and we're really happy with it! But we also had some new ideas for additional features and improvements. Now we are proud to announce the next milestone our Warp 6.1 release. Let's have a closer look at it...

System Check

Warp 6.1 System CheckIn our support forums we noticed there are many common issues due to the webserver configuration or an unsupported PHP version. Thats why we built in a system check which automatically runs a few tests to quickly find issues on your installation. So if you experiencing any problems with your theme? Just open your theme settings and take a look at the system check. It will provide you with useful information about wrong file permissions or missing PHP extensions. In Joomla the system check even tries to recognize possible problems with multiple jQuery instances in your installed extensions.

Social Buttons

Warp 6.1 Social ButtonsA great new feature are the new social buttons for articles. Just enable them in your theme settings and your visitors are able to share your website content on Twitter and Google+. So be a part of todays social web!

Config XML

Warp 6.1 XMLWe also optimized the development of custom styles and module layouts. No more hassle with XML files if you want to extend your template with your custom style or module layout. Just create your style/module layout and they are detected automatically. Just go to the theme settings and you'll see your created styles and module layouts, ready for assignment.

And more...

Warp 6.1 now also supports more system specific features like the pass through of module class suffixes for Joomla 1.5 and 1.7 and the HTML overrides for com_newsfeed, com_weblinks and com_contact in 1.7. For WordPress we've added the support for post thumbnails and improved compatibility with popular WordPress plugins.

Currently only our new Catalyst theme is running on Warp 6.1 but we will update all Warp6 themes to 6.1 in the next weeks. We hope you'll enjoy the current release as much as we do!

Update: All Warp 6 themes are updated to Warp 6.1.


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